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How To Burn Fat


What is so easy to get or gain but is so hard to get rid of? Fat! As much as this is the truth, it can be so annoying. Many people have tried and still try to get rid of the excess fat they have gained but to some, getting rid of it has proven to be a nightmare. It’s like your body clings on to the fat so that it spites you. Right? Efforts to lose weight has been made hard by the emergence of people who want to sell you pills to help you get rid of the excess fat, some advice you on certain diets that never seem to work while some suggest exercises that never work either. Eventually when some of the suggestions end up not working they, leaves you even more discouraged.


The best way to burn fat is the natural way. The following are examples of ways that can help you burn fat;

Burn fat with your diet

You can achieve this by;

Reducing your calories slowly

It is advisable to cut your calories slowly. A lot of people tend to cut calorie intake completely not knowing this causes more harm than good to their body.

Vary your Calorie intake

Try and vary your calorie intake so that your body is not used to the same amount of calories all the time. This helps keep your metabolism up and your body guessing.


Cut the bad carbs

Fat is fuel for your body in the form of stored food. There are good carbs and bad carbs for the body. Example of good carbs is oatmeal and vegetables which burn carbs slowly while the bad carb is simple sugars. You should also try not to eat them three hours before bedtime.


Eat small meals often

It is advisable to eat small meals unlike taking 3 huge meals. One thing you should remember is that the small meals you take should be equal to the same amount of food you could eat in a day.


Avoid alcohol intake

Alcohol is known to turn the food you consume into fat instead of getting rid of it. Avoiding it can help you deal with the level of fat in your body.



Always consume breakfast

Burning fat is all about keeping your metabolism high. What better time can you do that than after having eight hours of sleep? In the morning your metabolism is low because the body was in sleep mode. Breakfast will help in keeping it on high-alert.

Take fat-burning foods

Foods like oatmeals, lowfat or nonfat diary

Peanuts, olive oil, fatty fish and avocados

Burning fat with exercise

Break your workouts up

Metabolism spikes after every two workout. It is therefore important that you break your workout into chunks.

Use weights while exercising

Doing cardio is good for losing excess weight and fats but adding weights to your exercise is even better to help in burning fats.

Burning fats by lifestyle hacks

Avoid stressful situations

Stress leads to excess consumption of food. Again, when you are stressed, you tend to burn fat slowly.

Get enough sleep

When you are asleep, your body tends to process carbs easily.

Drink a lot of water

Not only is water good for your organs, hair and skin, it also helps you lose weight.

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