Are You Fed Up With Battling to Lose Weight?

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What is going on in the world?


Well certainly the western world anyway, I mean there are more diets and weight loss plans than anyone could get through in a lifetime, there are more ‘low fat’ foods and choices than ever before in history and yet the number of overweight people just keeps on increasing. Why is that do you think? Could it be that dieting actually makes us fatter? That is the opinion of many professionals in the weight loss industry and it would seem to have some basis of truth. For instance take any well known diet plan, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, Tony Ferguson Weight Loss, Weight Watchers or any of the low fat, low carb or low calorie diets that exist. All of these plans can show you someone who has had great success using their plans, however what you will find that somewhere in the small print it will say that ‘results not typical’. Add to that that many of these success stories do not keep the weight off permanently but very quickly return to their former size or bigger and certainly more depressed as a result. It is actually not very reassuring and leaves you with a vague feeling that it is in the plans interest to keep us fat or struggling to maintain our weight loss at least.


What I and others have noticed is that the key to natural, effective and long term weight loss is nothing to do with these diet plans, despite their odd successes, I say odd as there are literally millions of us paying for these plans and they trot out maybe 5 or 6 success stories per year, what about those we do not hear about? What is it that many of us have noticed? I will tell you right here and now, by including some natural, powerful foods in your diet you can achieve a long lasting weight loss, the weight starts to come off, your activity level naturally rises and before you know it you are a healthy weight, making healthy choices, feeling fabulous and living a healthy lifestyle you never thought possible.


OK now you are thinking, oh dear what is the hype about? What is she trying to sell me? Well in this case nothing, I hope I can convince you to figure out that there is an all natural alternative way to lose weight all by yourself. My No.1 secret to all natural happy healthy weight loss is just one food to add to your diet. That food is Quinoa, it has nothing to do with any of the programs mentioned before, this is simply an amazing little grain from South America that is protein packed and full of absolute goodness, it is natures super food bounty that can cure your weight loss blues. It has been used to control weight for centuries but now it is available to the western world in supermarkets and health food shops world wide.


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Quinoa is often likened to rice, however it is completely different, when cooked it does not go mushy like rice can, it is packed full of nutrients and protein and no fat and can revolutionize your weight loss efforts and have you seeing results consistently without the need to pay out for diet plans and bogus advice that keeps you overweight. There is Quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, quinoa sprouts amongst others and it can be used raw in salads or can be cooked, turned into a soup and hundreds of other tasty dishes, it can be used to create meals in itself or to accompany and compliment some of your favorite dishes. So now you see this little grain as something of a super food after all, with versatility like that it is silly not to have it in your cupboard.


Quinoa is one of the best natural food packed with tons of protein, and as we all know protein is extremely important our diet. There is a long list of benefits that protein provides to us all whether it’s from animals or plants. You should not have to live counting calorie, but you should also be aware of what you are consuming, and how the calories can add up to tons of fat in the long run. Don’t give up on dieting, make it a way of life for you and your love ones.

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