Get a Flat Stomach by Enjoying What You Eat

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I want to give you two tips to get a flat stomach. Enjoy what you eat. You should like the sound of this one. Yes. But this will strike you funny. Stop eating while watching any type  of media. Turn off the TV and computer during meals and just concentrate on your food. Enjoy it and stop eating when you think you are full.


Don’t wait till your belly is shouting that you are full. Stop before it gets full like that. A The reason to turn off the TV or computer is because studies prove that you will just eat more when you are distracted by media. This is because it takes your attention away and you’ll eat past being full. This means your body will store fat. So when you start to enjoy your food and eat when you’re hungry, you can stop the build up of belly fat.So enjoy what you eat. Take a bite and set the fork down. Think about that bite of food.


Eat what you enjoy eating. But eat when you are hungry and every time you’re hungry. But enjoy your food and stop eating right when you begin to get full. This is one of the first steps to get a flat stomach. Exercise every day if possible. There are so many benefits to exercise it’s not even funny. But the important thing is to do it consistently. You can ride a bicycle, exercise bike, take walks, run, swim or hike. Choose an exercise that you will enjoy and do it regularly. Use motivating music if it helps. I like to take brisk walks with my iPod. If you do this in combination with the other tips you should be able to get a flat stomach before too long. When you start exercising it will take some getting use to, but before you know it you would have grown use to it really enjoy it. 

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