How To Make A Perfect Smoothie




Health is wealth. To be healthy, food plays most important role along with exercise, sleep and detox. However, the food we eat lacks the nutrition required for healthy living. Smoothie is the health drink that can give the required nutrition to be healthy. It is budget friendly and work out much cheaper than burgers and aerated drinks. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals that keep you healthy and can be a replacement to your meal.

How to make a Smoothie
You can make a smoothie with basic ingredients put in your blender. you can have a lip-smacking smoothie within a short span of time. You can make smoothies with fruits, vegetables or greens. Smoothies can be nutritionally enhanced by mixing super foods in the smoothie.



Common Recipe
1. Keep your blender ready 2. Get fruits for a smoothie – you can make a smoothie with one fruit or using a mix of fruits.3. Mix liquid – You can add milk(soy milk, Nut milk etc). Just plain water too works well.

Optional addition to smoothies
1. Protein – It can make your smoothie a true replacement for your meal. You can add sprouted brown rice, whey etc.2. Greens – It can make your smoothie nutrient rich.3. Sweetener – It is best to use healthier choices like ripe bananas, honey, palm sugar. Palm sugar is also a source of vitamin B12. 4. Flavors – You can add natural flavors to get a taste of your preference. You can try flavors like 5. Almond 6. Peanut butter 7. Nutella 8. Pepper 9. Vanilla 10. Ice cubes – You can add ice cubes on top. You could also make your smoothie chill by using refrigerated fruits instead of ice cubes.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend it well so that no pieces of fruit is left. Start slow and notch up the speed. Make sure that you don’t heat up the blender since heat generated could take away all nutrients out of the smoothie.



How to make a Smoothie Tasty and Healthy.
How to make a Smoothie tasteful is by repeated experimentation. It can be adjusted to one’s taste preferences and be customized. By trial and error method, you will know which fruits and vegetables mix well. Some smoothies tend to separate,to avoid that, we need to blend them well.
Along with the taste, we can make it very healthy by adding spices and herbs. Adding herbs like Lemongrass, Tulsi, etc makes it very healthy and nutritious.



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