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Get Rid of Low Testosterone

Men lifting your testosterone level up is critical if you want to live and enjoy life to the fullest in every way possible. Once a man leaves his 20’s his testosterone level will begin to drop off by about 1-2% a year pretty much forever, unless he does something about it. That is a sharp drop in anyone’s manhood. You can fix low testosterone by visiting testosterone therapy in Houston or you can do it the natural way with strength training and a proper dieting. You don’t have to take dangerous prescription drugs or illegal steroids to artificially boost your testosterone level. This hormone is a critical part of muscle building process; it regulates muscles growth and size. Without it you become soft and fat and have more female hormone estrogen in your body, which is not a manly feeling. Low testosterone symtoms for a man are things such as being fatty, having low energy, feeling tires, and not in the mood are signs a man does not want to have.

In order for you to be lean and muscular your testosterone level has to be higher. How to increase testosterone is a question a lot of men have on their mind, which makes sense since aging will low a man’s ability to increase this hormone. You get high testosterone level by performing certain workouts and eating certain foods that will elevate your testosterone level and get rid of low testosterone symtoms. Testosterone elevation the natural way comes primarily from exercise period. The types of exercises that you’re going to want to do are going to be compound exercises or multi muscle exercises. Some of the best exercises for building your testosterone level would be squats, deadlift, heavy shoulder presses, any kind of compound exercises that are going to work multiple muscles in one movement. Clean and jerk is also another good exercise for increasing your strength and therefore increasing your testosterone level for up to 48 hours after you’ve done your workout. High testosterone level will reduce your overall body fat percentage especially around your stomach. Testosterone lower belly fat and increases lean muscles, stamina, strength, opposite sex appeal and boosts your self confidence point blank. Check out some of my videos on that covers some of the exercises I have mentioned above such as deadlift, squats, shoulder presses, bench press, clean and jerk. If you have not been doing these types of exercises, do them and tell me if you don’t definitely feel a complete difference in your body.

As you may already know testosterone is the male sex hormone that is usually at a much higher level while men are younger and lessons as a male ages.  Beyond a man’s youthful years, which is around late 20’s to 30 yrs old is when the drop in his testosterone begins. This hormone controls a lot in a man’s body and lowering it is not a good thing. Getting the best testosterone supplements will help you improve your performance and gain more strength. Testosterone controls muscle weight gain, strength, sexual desire, energy level, aggressiveness and the list goes on and on. Women also have testosterone, but at a much lower level than men do. As a man starts to lose testosterone by aging, he will naturally begin to increase his level of female hormones which will make him more ladylike in some respects. Fat accumulation without a healthy testosterone level in a man’s bloodstream will make him become softer and fatter, including belly fat. Having high levels of testosterone will reverse that effect and make a man leaner, stronger, energized, and have less fatty all over including the core region where fat piles up quickly and keeps increasing.

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Besides doing physical compound exercises that work several muscles at a time, there is dieting that will also help to increase your testosterone level. Higher testosterone leads to a leaner body. The particular diet I’m referring to are foods that are high in healthy fats(Omega 3) such as olive oil, whole eggs and yes whole eggs, avocados, salmon especially the wild caught ones, cod fish, almonds, pecan, walnut, kidney beans, winter squash, cloves, flaxseeds, navy beans, sardines, halibut, leafy greens are some of the best. There are more foods high in fatty acids, but these are some of the best foods to include in your diet along with compound resistance training to shoot your testosterone way up naturally and become the man you once was and surpass it. Your whole mental and physical situation will change, you will feel more like a man’s man or woman; strong, lean, fit, and confident.

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