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Muscle Pain and Soreness Relief


Having muscle pain and sore muscles can be a fixable thing. Working out hard enough will cause you to have sore muscles. Muscle pain will occur from time to time with a good workout. There is really no way to avoid becoming sore if you are working out hard enough. However, as your body becomes more and more used to doing a certain exercise it will Plateau. Mean and your body will adjust to the physical task being placed upon it where it will have little effect as far as making your muscles sore in the future. The goal of working out so is tricking your muscles, confusing your muscles comma forcing your muscles to work harder so it doesn’t just do a workout. The more confusion you cause your muscles the greater muscle gain you will get. or if you are not into gaining muscle weight which can be a good thing in moderation, you still need to confuse your muscles by throwing different workouts at it from time to time.



Don’t worry too much about muscle pain and muscle soreness. Just know that there are some relief for muscle ache. Muscle pain relief can come in the form of just getting enough sleep and consuming enough protein. If you can not consume enough protein through your diet, there is protein powder that will get you the extra protein you need for muscle pain recovery. Proper nutrition is one of the most common way to solve muscle pain issues as it relates to working out or doing resistance training.


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When you do resistance training you sometimes have delayed onset muscle soreness which can take a day or two before you actually feel your muscle pain and muscle soreness from your prior workout. For example, you might have done a leg workout earlier in the day, but it could take a day or two before the soreness really sets in to your muscles; that is a very common thing when it comes to working out hard. With delayed onset muscle soreness your muscles were damaged from the workout you did, however it can take a day or two before you actually start to feel your muscle ache from the workout you did 24 to 48 hours earlier. Delayed onset muscle soreness is what you feel when your muscle soreness does not take place until, up to several days after a good sweaty hardcore workout you did prior. It’s almost as if your body is playing a trick on you, especially if you have not done any more workout since your last workout and have been resting since, and suddenly the soreness hits you around 48hrs or so later.




Again, fixing any delayed onset muscle soreness is usually controlled with enough sleep and proper nutrition. In addition to proper rest and nutrition after a workout, you can also use over the counter medication to relieve muscle pain(bengay comes to mind), you can take warm baths, and you can also get a massages to increase the blood flow to the area affected for a speedy recovery. Please know if you have an injury that’s a different situation, this may require medical attention. Injuries do occur from time to time especially when you are working out but not properly warming up your muscles before you actually get into the work load placed on your muscles. You have to remember that your muscles needs blood flow and you will get blood flow by warming up gradually and stretching properly. stretching is a very important part of working out, you need to stretch before you workout to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing to them. Blood brings the nutrients and energy to your muscle need to do resistance training. Never just jump straight into it exercise and start going heavy on resistance training without properly warming up your muscles,  that’s one of the quickest ways to become injured which may need medical attention and put you out of commission for a while. Not to mention, you may become less interested in working out due to an injury that was unnecessarily. Besides injury you will get muscle soreness from time to time when there is resistance training involved, you can get muscle soreness even by doing aerobics. Your muscles will recover in about 48 hours if you are not over exercising where the recovery time can take longer.

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