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My first tip to you when it comes to sore muscle recovery is to get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough sleep helps to heal your sore muscles. Whether it’s sore muscles in your legs, back, arm or stomach, sleep will help in your recovery process. Get yourself at least two nights of good sleep right after having really sore muscles. This is a good just start to healing and rebuilding of your sore and torn muscles. There are other aspects of the healing that will help you to recover faster, but sleep is probably the main decider of your recovery time.




creatine supplementYour next order in the sore muscle recovery healing process is, proper nutrition. It is similarly as important as sleep. Proper nutrition consisting of a balanced diet and some intake of extra lean protein; this will have your system in a positive nutritional place primed for quick muscle recovery. When your muscles are torn down protein will help to fill in the gaps and rebuild them stronger. Remember the intake of protein does not lead to obesity. Protein is the fuel that keeps your metabolism in check. It will speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster than having a low protein diet will. The leaner you are the faster your metabolism will be and protein is the main contributor. Don’t be afraid to consume sufficient protein daily, especially early during the day.

Water will also speed up your sore muscle recovery. It will transport the nutrients needed for more efficient muscle recovery. When you are not consuming enough fluid such as water which is good for in many ways, then the nutrition you consume is not being transported as efficiently and as quickly as it needs to be to heal your sore muscles sooner. Not to mention it flushes tons of toxins and fat out of your body over time. So drink up your H2o!


pain reliefMy last tip. If you’re not getting enough nutrition from your meals, you can always resort to supplements. Many supplements are loaded with the necessary ingredients that promotes muscle recovery such as vitamins and minerals. Creatine for example is found in fish, and can assist your muscles in recovery plus give you lots of energy for your next workout. Amino acids are also pretty good for recovering sore muscles. So is protein powder, they will promote muscle recovery and get you back to working out soon again. There are always new supplements hitting the market on a regular basis, so there is no shortage of supplements available that promotes muscle recovery and minimize muscle soreness. Creatine will sooth your muscles over. Check with your local GNC or nutritional store nearby so you can have those items on hand if you need to take them from time to time in order to recover and get back on track quickly with your exercise routine .

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