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Burn more calories on a Soup Diet


Soup diet is another effective diet plan to get healthy meals and trim your waist line at the same time. Potato soup can be made with ease and takes virtually no time to complete. The same can be said for tasty tomato soup and vegetable soup. There are tons of healthy meal recipes online including healthy soup recipes. These are just a few of the delicious low calorie meals that can be whipped in no time at all and they are also ideal vegetarian recipes for non-meat lovers looking for something different to consume. Soups are not just tasty but there are also a great arsenal to have to fight against fat accumulation that will eventually try to take over your body at one point or another. If you chose to get on a soup diet just think of all the different variation of vegetables and seasoning that you can mix into the broth to satisfy your personal taste.


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Science Daily published a study done by Penn State showing that eating soup ahead of a meal can significantly cut down on your consumption during your next meal. It showed that participants reduced their next meal’s caloric intake by 20% on average when they ate soup before a meal compared to when they did not eat soup. In fact, the soup can be a good enough meat substitute. Doing that regularly can add up to some serious calories lost and have you looking leaner faster; not to mention when you eat soup often and do your weekly exercise plan as outlined in some of my other blogs. You will super charge your weight loss. Tomato soup, potato soup, vegetable soup with or without meat is a healthy low fat meal on it own. Adding meat is optional as long as they are lean cuts of meat with little to no fat.vegetarian recipes food


Meat will help to speed up your metabolism, which causes you to metabolize food at a faster rate and your body becomes more of an efficient fat burning machine. This will give you tons of energy to get a lot done in a short amount of time, and that’s the goal. A soup diet can be tried and improvised upon to fit your own personal needs and ingredient choice. Regardless, whatever you chose to eat can be delicious, healthy and burn fat all at the same time. beefIf you are prone to be overweight and don’t have a medical condition relating to weight gain; eating a healthy low fat diet along with regular exercise is a conscious choice that you can make which will lead you down the path of slenderness in time. Check out my flat stomach book


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