Build Muscles Fast With Multi Joint Workout

Changing up Your Already Established Workout Routine To Build Muscles


Building muscle quickly is all a matter of perception, and muscles is a natural fat fighter. Fast, in this case, means months or even years depending on one’s workout plan. It takes commitment, dedication, and patience. You can’t start a workout routine to build muscle and notice much of a difference to your muscle mass in the first month or two. You can, however notice the difference in how you feel, increase your stamina and lose weight almost immediately when accompanied by a proper nutritional diet. Feeling better and losing weight should be the incentive that will keep you on track to achieve your goals with your workouts routine to build a lean body.


Set goals! Make short term and long term goals as it relates to your workout routine. Don’t set goals that are unattainable or out of reach. Write them down. Then you can take pride and have a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved. When you go to the gym or work out, keep track of what you have done. You want to balance your workouts to assure that you are working all of the muscles in your body. Workout hard between 40 to 70 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week and never for more than 90 minutes at a time.


Turn single joint exercises into multi-joint as much as possible. When doing a bicep curl you are bringing your wrist up to your shoulder and back down again utilizing one joint, your elbow. Try this instead. When bringing your wrist to your shoulder move your elbow toward your back in more of a rowing manner. You still have the elbow flexion, but now you have the shoulder moving and utilizing all of the muscles around it, in your chest and back. The last exercise has accomplished much more in the same amount of time.


single arm curl

When doing squats often considered the king of muscle building exercises, you stand with your legs about shoulder width apart, feet pointed straight out, drop your hips back keeping your upper body straight. Drop down as if you are sitting down in a chair and stop when your knees hit about a 90 degree angle. This is putting pressure on your quads, hamstrings and gluts. Then you come back up and do it again. Now try it this way instead. Keep the instructions for the squats the same except when you come up, jump up, bringing your arms over your head jumping jack style, clap your hands together and repeat. Not only are you utilizing almost every muscle but you are using all of the smaller muscles that help you stabilize your body. This helps you gain and maintain a more efficient body and builds muscle mass more quickly with faster weight loss.


Hundreds of books have been written about weight loss and fitness nutrition. I’m going to try to fit some of the most helpful information into this paragraph. With a workout routine, natural whole foods are the best. Stay away from processed food as much as possible. Protein is a necessary part of your diet for the growth of muscles. This includes lean red meat, dairy products (egg are very high in protein), fish and chicken among others. Do not cut them out of your diet.


Soy protein is not a great source of protein and shouldn’t be substituted as the main protein in your diet. Only eat carbs after a workout and limit your intake. Eat 6 to 8 small meals every 2 to 3 hours daily. Eat vegetables with every meal, yes, every meal! One of the great things about vegetables is they are low in calories. Only drink water and green tea.


workout routine

Below is my favorite recipe and I prepare it in much larger batches and separate it into smaller portions that are easy to take anywhere and microwave.

Total calories for this meal is 390, protein 29g, fat 20g and is perfect for my caloric intake with 6 meals a day. 4 ounces (1 cup) Oriental vegetables, 3 ounces lean sirloin, 3 or 4 dashes of soy sauce, 1 tsp teriyaki sauce, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp lime juice, 1tsp minced garlic, 1 large red bell pepper, 1 cup of frozen green beans, 1tsp BBQ sauce, 1Tbs Olive oil Salt & Pepper to taste.


Blanch vegetables in boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain vegetables and sautee in frying pan with olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper until the vegetables are starting to brown. Cut sirloin into small bite size pieces and add to frying pan along with the remainder of the ingredients. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or until sirloin is cooked to your desired temperature. Then dig in and Enjoy! Don’t Forget to check out some of my books on diet and exercise and the different types of workout routines here.

Mind Over Matter – Fat Loss

christmas fitness

Dieters, Merry Christmas Once Again!


You’ve made it to another year’s end, yeah it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to all. As the Christmas season draws to an end most folks resolution is to attempt to start out the new year on a diet to lose weight, sadly most of us will fall off our goal and be back in our old habits before January is even over with; Folks it’s a 80% failure rate when it comes to sticking with a new year’s weight loss plan of dieting and exercising for the new year. Don’t be one of the statistic when you have a choice not to be! You can do it, 90% of success is willpower.


A new year can bring a new you if you are mentally determined, plus think how good you will look and feel in the end. You just have to find a way to stay interested and motivated when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life. Don’t think of being healthy as just something you want to attempt to do or just because it will make you look good and feel better for a little while. No, think of it as a lifestyle that you can’t live without because it is the only way to live. With that mindset you will succeed. So if you smoke cigarettes, drink, do drugs and party way too much you will have to make a change for the better; those are going to be things that will definitely cause you to fail at becoming healthy and constantly being in shape. I’m not saying you can’t go out and have a drink and enjoy yourself occasionally, but it certainly can’t be a way of life for you and yet you expect to be in great shape physically. That won’t work buddy!


In my years of working out I’ve personally seen very few individuals who can put on such a show constantly engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle, and yet they are still really successful in the gym. Most of those kind of individuals will work out at the gym or wherever for a while and then they kind of just fade away from the gym and working out scene after a while; the 2 behaviors just don’t mix well together long term. Again, not many folk hitting the rec center can be heavily into unhealthy lifestyle and stay in the best shape of their life, and if you are one of those people that can pull this off it won’t be a long term thing for you. Something has got to give, either you are going to be in great shape and party little, or you are just going to party a whole lot and be in usually fairly to poor physical shape regardless of the outward appearance. You might be skinny or lean for the moment, but that does not necessarily mean that you are in good shape, or the best shape of your life.Think about it, you have to get in the right frame of mind to get in shape and get healthy. We will cover getting in the right mindset for weight loss.


It is true that some of us, when we want to lose weight, we often spend too much time thinking about how to lose weight and what we can and can’t eat, which, is of course, thinking about eating; and if we are thinking about it constantly then we end up eating. There is no doubt that if all we do is think about food, we will gain weight rapidly and enter that terrible cycle of comfort and end another diet badly once again. The biggest problem we have is that when we think about food we think about those types of food which brings us most comfort, burgers, pizza’s ice cream not many of which we would consider in a diet for quick weight loss.


We need to change the way we think, the best weight loss diet will not be just about food it will be about a healthy lifestyle. Very few will tell us what to think, which of course is correct, but we do have to understand what we should not be thinking about. Is food the enemy or is it thinking or perhaps it is time; we eat when we are bored, we eat when we need comfort, and we eat when we are hungry. What we need to do is ensure that we do not need comfort and we do not get bored, there is no such thing as easy weight loss if it was so easy we would not need to do it. We must ensure that we think about what we are going to do when on the diet; perhaps we can get a hobby, or read those books we have never had time to do. It’s important to find activities that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle and it will all tie into weight loss and being your best physical self. You might be interested in activities which promotes family, which may lead to a community magazine which promotes things to do to become more active in your community, which may promote groups of individuals in the community that engage in various activities that will promote healthy living and getting involved in different types of programs in your neighborhood. The possibilities are practically endless. Getting more involved in your community will have you getting involved in more activities which can improve your health and happiness; things such as charity work, helping the old or indigent people in your community, among other things your can do that can get you in better physical shape and help others locally too.


We must occupy our time positively and productively. We should try and not be left thinking about our diet and weight loss, which means thinking about food, if we keep occupied we may also burn more calories. Another good tip is to have lots of healthy snack available, lots of fresh fruifruitt all low calories goodies for us to eat when we get that craving for something to snack on. All healthy snacking which will help with any diet plan. Fresh pop corn has very little calories and is good to just give us that feeling of eating and allow us to snack without adding weight nor tons of empty calories. It may be the case that we cannot truly think ourselves thin, but if we think about what we are doing then we can plan our diets for a quicker weight loss process. You can eat many times a day, in fact that is recommended by nutritional experts, you just have to eat healthy meals and snack that are low on calories and high on nutritional value.



You should have a plan in mind for your diet. A diet that works for your best friend may not necessarily work for you the same way. No two person have the exact same body type or metabolism, you might have a similar body type or metabolism but it’s not identical. So you have to figure out what works best for you. What would be your choice of food from a list of a hundred + different types of healthy meals or snack. Figure what you eat most often or what you like to eat best. The food that you like that are considered healthy make a list of those food, and the food that you like or eat often that are not considered healthy either get rid of them, or find a healthy substitute for them. Get a large list of food that are healthy and figure out a way to plan your meals from them. Make sure your eat a balance diet including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, diary and healthy lean protein, low fat carbs and healthy fat. The average serving size of food should fit in the palm of your hand, and you might not think that is much to eat, but eating 5-7 meals and snack daily will really hit the spot and keep you from being hungry. Plan what you will eat and how you will exercise and then do it.



See below, this is a good piece of Ab exercise equipment to have to tone your Ab muscles, check it out:

Try not to spend all your time planning about how you are going to lose weight and get in shape, and then do nothing for a while, if ever. You have to start doing what it takes in order to get into shape and lose weight at some point, and why not now? What is stopping you but you.  Action is required once you’ve thought it over and feel like you are ready to make that move. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start seeing results and feeling better. Let nothing stop you on your way to living life to the fullest when it comes to your health. It’s Christmas! There is no better time to start than now. See you in the gym, in your back yard, your home gym or in the park. Just start! Check out these exercises to get started or to continue exercising if you are already experienced, here.

Learning To Have A Positive Attitude


I just returned from a trip to Arizona, and on the way out there I bought a book by Joel Osteen titled It’s Your Time. It is a book about finding God’s favor in your life. In the book he tells how having negative thoughts can become so real to you that if you believe you will fail and dwell on it that is just what will happen to you. If you believe you are a failure you have already failed before you ever start whatever it may be. It could be your job, your bank account, your health, or any number of things.


Today I will talk about my own struggle with weight, and how this book has given me new hope to achieve my goal of losing weight and keeping it off. I bet you that at some point in time I have tried about every diet you can think of. I have been gun hoe to start with buying all the books and reading them. Then I would go to the store and buy all the right foods for the diet and throw all the bad foods I had around away. I always started out good with determination to stick with the diet plan and lose the extra 10 pounds I seem to struggle with. Well needless to say the negative thoughts always find their way in my head, and I would use every excuse you can think of to end the diet.


I know my body and was a heavy weight lifter for 10 years working with a trainer on specific body parts that I had plateaued on. I even went on to train many of my friends to work out the way some of my trainers had taught me. I weighted 205 with almost no body fat, I had definition and muscle tone you can’t imagine. At 35 years old I looked and felt better that when I was young, and was in better shape than most 25 yr old.


My trainer got married and moved away. When this happened I started finding reasons not to go workout and the weight hardness and tone started to decrease and replaced by a softer body. I admit that I often let negative thoughts interfere with my life, and after losing the motivation and desire to workout at times. I can come up with every excuse in the book why I can’t go on a diet right or go exercise. After reading the book by Joel Osteen I planned to change my thinking. I am going to the gym and I am going to stick with a diet, and I will not let the negative thoughts defeat me again because I have God’s favor and he wants me to achieve amazing things in my life. In order to do them I need to be healthy and being over weight and soft all over will destroy my health if I don’t take control of it. This rule applies to all of us not just me.


What ever you are struggling with in your life you have to learn to think positive thoughts, and let go of the negative. I challenge all my readers to start over. Turn back time and change your thought process because if you declare victory your life will turn around and good things will come your way; I’m a true believer in that. Think about this, walking 10 miles begins with the 1st step.