Tips For Developing Your Grip

firm handshake

Your grip demonstrates your strength and power. Besides having a bone-crunching handshake, a vise-like grip will be helpful in doing bench presses, pull-ups, push-ups, deadlift and a variety of other exercises. You want to have a powerful grip to have along with a low body fat, ideal weight, lean muscle mass, and other attributes of physical fitness and physical prowess.

I remember the late Bruce Lee having tremendous and powerful forearms that came with a strong grip. For his size, Bruce Lee has to have one of the largest forearms in the world. According to his writings, he was focused on developing strong grips and power forearms. Here is a way to develop a powerful grip. This is a modified pull-up using towels. Before engaging on this very difficult exercise, you want to be able to do about 8-10 regular version of this upper body exercise. You will need to built your physical fitness level to get to that elite level. Get one of those portable pull-up bars so that you can gradually (I emphasis on gradually, or you can hurt your shoulders or elbows) get stronger on your pull-ups.

Once you are strong enough to do 8-10 regular version of pull ups; then, you may be ready to do these special version pull ups using 2 towels. So get 2 towels and place them over the pull-up bar at shoulder width apart. Then, you can do pull-ups by gripping on those towels. These will be very difficult. You can try to lightly wet the towels to get a better grip. Also, if this is too difficult still, then you can try one side at a time. Instead of two towels, use one towel. Your other hand is gripping the pull-up bar. Then, pull yourself up with one hand gripping the towel. When you are strong enough, you can use two towels. This will put an enormous strain and stress on your forearms because you are working on your grip- with your body weight pulling you down. These version of this classic exercise with towels will add variety to your upper body routines. You will also have an effective way to build the grip in your forearm. If you excel quickly where you start becoming stronger fast, you can then add a weighted belt and add maybe around 15 pounds on the belt for extra resistance. You can even cross your legs at the ankle and add a light dumbbell between your ankle for extra resistance and you do your pull ups.

As I mentioned earlier, these are challenging and you must get strong enough to do just a few of these exercises using just towels. Your grip epitomizes strength and power. Many times, you will be wishing that you had powerful forearms and a vise-like grip to win any firm hand contest, or any wrist wrestling matches. Pull-ups using towels can put a real grip in your physical fitness life.

Also consider using forearm grips sold mostly at sporting goods stores, perform standing behind the back wrist curls with a straight barbell, seated forearm curls on a weight bench with both forearms flat on the bench a few inches apart with your palm facing the ceiling with a barbell or a dumbbells and curling the weight with just your forearm muscles repeatedly, do weighted rope curls which basically has a straight bar handle which is about a foot long with a piece of rope attached in the center of the straight bar and it has plated weights that can be added at the bottom of the rope to use to curl the weights up and down to strengthen your forearms. There are several other machines at the gym specifically designed to give anyone a vise like powerful grip if they so desire it.

Burn Fat Fast – 3 Tips For You

burn fat fast

Get Leaner Body Faster By Following These Tips




Burn fat fast and boost your energy levels. The secret is to get more muscles on your body and less fat. Muscles do not take up as much space as fat does and certainly look more attractive. The problem with too much fat and flab on your body is not so much that it is usually not attractive, but more importantly it is truly unhealthy. If you believe you are eating nutritional foods and exercising in the right way but still do not burn fat and gain lean muscle, then it is time to change your habits; sadly something is not being done correctly. Again the secret here is to build more muscles. Muscles and fat just don’t mesh well together. The more muscles an individual builds the less likely that person will have a lot of fat build throughout their body. Muscle burns a lot more calories than fat does, and muscles will help to burn fat fast; and naturally.


Beat Fat With Food

Focus on foods with many nutrients in them. These foods satisfy your hunger and are healthy. Foods containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats are not created equal. Eat most of your proteins from plants and less from animals. Complex carbohydrates with a lot of fiber are what you want to have. Don’t forget to eat your fruits, vegetables and drink water; and lots of water. Drink .5 ounce of water daily for each pound of body weight. For example, if you weight 200 lbs multiply  200 lbs by .5= 100, so consume 100 ounces of water daily which is considered adequate for someone weighing 200 lbs and so on. Just to give you an idea, a gallon of water contains about 120 ounces. There is no substitute for water. Water makes you feel full without the calories from drinking, lets say, sugary drinks which are loaded with empty calories. Consuming more water will definitely cut down on some of your daily calorie intake that is often converted to fat. Fats that are naturally occurring should be in your diet. Eat smaller meals and snacks. Keep track of what you are eating and the portion sizes. Eat every three hours because you will not get hungry and this will help you to slim down. When you eat in this manner you keep your metabolic rate burning fat. Again, drink water, tea or unsweetened drinks with your meals, not soft drinks or sugary juices. You do not have to count calories, but have a rough idea of about how many calories you are eating in a day.


Work All Of Your Body

A total body workout with high intensity resistance strength training and interval exercises will burn fat fast, build muscle and change your body shape fairly quickly. These type of exercises will cause you to lose fat all over your body. You will burn more fat and calories with a total body workout than if you just workout to hit a couple of muscles. So when you get a change to perform an exercise try to pick exercises that hit many muscle groups with that one single exercise. Also working larger muscles which most people tend to shy away from due to the work load required to do these exercises produces the greatest results and they build the most muscles which help to burn fat fast. The larger muscles such as your legs and back are the key muscles needed to burn fat fast. It’s a funny thing, but the places you have the most fat on your body will be the last place you will notice fat loss. Gaining muscle, getting rid of fat, becoming healthier and looking attractive is your objective. With a total body workout you can lower your body’s fat percentage, shrink fat cells and raise your resting metabolic rate in 15 to 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times a week. The quality of your training, correct proportions of intensity, volume, reps and rest between exercises make a difference in your results. You have got to try to find ways to keep the intensity of your workout up. Increase your workout intensity by resting less between workout sets, listening to music that motivates you, and involving many muscles in each workout as you possibly can safely. Making time to exercise can be challenging in a busy lifestyle but you must be persistent, don’t quit, find the time and make it happen.



Training High intensity resistance strength training will burn fat and build muscle. To burn fat quick and gain muscle perform short intense workouts for your whole body. Strength training with short rest periods between the exercises will raise your resting metabolic rate up to 72 hour after working out. Even while you are sleeping after a good workout out, your muscles has a direct positive effect on your fat burning process. You see muscles burn calories, so you want to add more muscle. All you need to do is learn the techniques and how to do the workouts and then get started. Women, as well as men, need muscles. Because of the difference in testosterone levels, a women does not gain muscle the same as a man would, but a women will gain some muscles but at a lesser extent. With high intensity strength training and gaining muscle your body will look smaller and feel better. The intensity of your workouts and short rest periods between them are important for fat loss. You want to be fit and healthy too. Your regular high intensity workouts should and will produce positive results for anyone engaged in it. You may not really see the results for a few weeks, but believe this, all of your hard work will become more and more visible as you continue to work out.  Remember, to get the results you are looking for you have to commit and put in the work needed and all the benefits of working out will follow shortly after, and it will continue as long as you decide to continue working out to burn fat fast.

Workout Plan

A Workout Plan For You

You need to have a good workout plan when it is time for your workout routine. You should already have your workout plan mentally outlined at a minimum for the upcoming week. That way when you get to your workout machines or to the gym, you already have an idea of what work loan you will be doing for that day. I will cover several different workouts that will help you to develop your upper body along with some cardio movements for your heart as well. I have discussed several times why cardio and strength training together is a killer recipe for success in slimming and hardening your body. They work perfectly together because one is just right for your heart and building your endurance, while the other will make you leaner; which has many benefits including speeding up your fat burning rate while resting.

The biggest byproduct of working out is having a lot of energy, looking better, and being healthier. Having the energy to do the things you need to do in your daily life is certainly a plus. Looking better never hurts either. Being healthier is the best thing that could come from anyone’s workout regimen. We workout primarily for our health. Working out is definitely a positive for both you and your family  for many obvious reasons. As you may already know a lot of help issues can overtake our bodies if we don’t workout or do little to no physical activities in our daily lives; with that being said I will outline a good workout plan for you that will cover various types of exercises in this workout plan.


deadliftThere may be days where you are more interested in hitting weights for muscle gain instead of cardio. Then again there may be days where you’re more interested in doing cardio for heart strengthening and fat burn and purposes too. The workout plan below will have exercises where you will get both strength building and fat burning all together in one workout session. It is always important to make sure that you do both of them weekly either together in your workout plan, or separately. For example, one day you may want to do all cardio exercises where you get both heart straightening and fat burning all together in one workout session. The next day you might want to do all free weights for your workout; or you can do any percentage you want for either cardio or free weights, it does not have to be a 50/50 percentage mix. It is always important though to make sure that you do both cardio and resistance training weekly either together in your workout session, or separately. They both have tremendous benefits and will transform your body in little time. Not to mention all the other health benefits that comes along with being in shape like a strong heart, body and mind.


Always try to make sure you include a little of both types of workout in your exercises for the best possible results. Cardio alone is not the most effective way to slim down and lean up your body. The combination approach is the best way to get in shape fast. You always want to have a thin layer of muscles, if you will, underneath; which is a good fat burning foundation that will speeds up the fat burning process even when you are at rest. Here are some of the exercises I do in my workout plan