Is Excessive Weight Only an Appearance Problem?

For most people aiming to lose weight through varied methods, the origin is a nagging feeling of low self-esteem. Not being able to fit into old clothes, disliking your appearance in a bikini or feeling uncomfortable about your appearance when hanging out with a group of people are a few of the many problems that trigger the dream of being slim and looking attractive again and thus the desperate efforts to shedding off extra pounds.


Is appearance, however, the only reason you should want to lose weight? Should weight loss be the least of your worries if you are overweight but satisfied with your appearance? On the basis of logical and scientific grounds, the answer to both the questions is a big NO! Whether your obesity is due to unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption or due to other reasons, you now need to get going to work against it. This is because unfortunate as it is for many, being overweight is no longer a matter of looking unattractive only.


Latest research by health experts has revealed a number of dangerous health conditions that can result from being obese. One of the most shocking revelations is the fact that 9 out of 10 Americans are at risk of developing a cardiovascular disease! The most common conditions are that of high blood pressure and cholesterol, which in turn cause problems like breathlessness and sleeping discomfort. It is notable how even at this rather mild level of adverse effects of obesity, it already starts interfering with your routine and daily life, making daily tasks difficult to manage. You will find yourself less able to multitask and to fulfill the demands of your job, being more prone to tiredness and fatigue. It does not, however, end here.


Varying from individual to individual, being overweight has been found to be a potential cause of several other medical problems like diabetes, gallbladder disease, sleeping disorders and lower back pain. Some of these may last permanently or for several years before you can return to your normal, healthy self. In addition, as you start aging, you will find yourself more prone than fit individuals to common diseases and medical conditions. You fitness level will drain faster, thus making your life rather dull and problematic sooner than usual.


All in all, being overweight is in no way limited to psychological problems like low self-esteem and low levels of confidence during social interactions. It is pretty much physical, that too to a very dangerous extent. You must, therefore, cut down on extra pounds you have acquired. The perfect way to achieve the latter is to adopt an ideal combination of adequate physical activity and a perfect diet plan, so as to be able to lead not only a healthier but a happier, fresher life! 

8 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Tips : 8 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Having a unique diet like a high-protein or low-carb diet to lose fat is not the only way to slim down in a big way. The best method to lose weight is to obtain the right mix of energy and nutrients your body needs. Listed here are a few ideas for losing weight in a more healthy way:

• Eat lesser sweets and even unhealthy snacks. Cookies, candy, and cakes usually have a lot of fat and sugar and not many nutrients. Find out about treats which are delicious and nutritious. If you want chocolate cake then this is a link to check it out at website.

• Follow a food manual. It can be difficult to know which foods to select. It will motivate you to eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains. These foods have fiber, which can assist you to feel full.

• Cut back on fats. You will need some fat, however even minimal amounts of fats have many calories. Study labels to see the amount of fat a food contains. And attempt to reduce fried foods as well as meats which are high in fat, for example burgers.

Be informed about how much you are consuming in food. If you’re unsure how much is regarded as one serving, you can learn to read labels and get good at it. You also can eat less if you utilize a small plate. Do not eat straight from a huge package of food — it’s simple to lose monitor in this way. And if you are at a restaurant, find out if you can take home a few leftovers.

• Tackle hunger with protein and fiber. Never wait until you are highly hungry that it becomes hard to make good food choices. Rather, when you begin to feel hungry, consume a small snack that blends protein with a food which is high in fiber, like low-fat cheese in a whole-grain cracker. These are generally filling although not full of calories.

• Consider why you are eating. At times we eat to fill needs, apart from hunger; like stressed, lonely, or being bored. If you do that, check if you can consider some other tips on how to meet those needs. Think about calling a friend or playing some good music. And if think you could be having emotional difficulties, discuss with an adult you trust.



Get to moving more. One good way to lose weight is by becoming physically active. You need to target a total of 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate physical activity every day. In case you haven’t been active in some time, start slowly.

• Reduce sitting around. This simply means less Internet, TV, and other kinds of screen time. Rather, target your “hour per day of active play.”

Doing some of these simple tips will help you beat the bulge. Plus, remember, you will have so much more energy when you slim down. Not to mention the positive affects it has on your overall well being.