Forbidden Weight Loss Techniques

Hello my friend, if your reading this then you, like many, are searching for an effective way to lose weight the safe, effective, and easiest way possible without it costing you an arm and leg – just as I was. Before I reveal the techniques that other diets don’t want you to know let me tell you my story. I was a struggling single father who found it very stressful to raise a new born, go to school, work at a full time job and find time to work out.

After about four months I noticed I’d gained 21 pounds and my weight gain was still on the rise. I couldn’t button up my pants and had to stretch out my shirts so they would cover my new larger body. I decided that I needed help, but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a trainer regularly. I was searching for products and comparing multiple programs when a co-worker suggested I check out the truth about abs. I then explained to him I didn’t very much time or money to put into this, then he asked me what I was going to have for dinner that night, and I told him I will probably get some take out, and he explained to me that for the same price of a large pizza I can change my life. I needed a good program to get back to my old self of being in shape.

So I thought about it throughout the day and decided to give it a try. I went the website and read the testimonials but I don’t normally trust testimonials, I mean come on what site is going to put anything but good words about their product on it? I did some research on the web and found that there wasn’t really anything but good reviews. I purchased the product and followed the program and after 5 months I am 200lbs pounds and loving it. I have created a somewhat similar programs, here is a good one.

I feel better and have 10 times the energy for my child and best of all it didn’t take hours at the gym, I was able to do everything right at my own home; even though I went to the gym when I felt like it I often worked out at home when I just needed a quick workout without driving a few miles to the gym. The program taught me to eat better, that way I could actually burn fat with the different food I ate. I highly recommend any type of good product, workout out program or a combination of the two that does not involve pills, or hours of cardio.  If you don’t already know it, cardio alone for very long periods of time will eat away at all your hard earned muscle tissue and as we all know muscles play a vital role is the fat burning process.

Muscles naturally speeds up your metabolism, burns fat faster even hours after you have worked out your muscles will continue to burn calories and melt away fat in increments. Cardio is good for your cardiovascular system in moderation. I usually perform about 15-20 minutes of cardio on the days that I workout. I will not be one of those guys doing a cardio for 90 minutes, it will deplete your muscles substantially over time. Lower muscle to fat percentage will helps to create more fat. It’s much better to strive to become leaner by incorporating some resistance training in all of your workout programs. Resistance training is the only thing to constantly improve or maintain muscle mass and leanness; It is a vital part of maintaining a lean body, always incorporate weight training when you workout even if it is just your body weight. It makes a huge difference. Feel free to join my facebook group here.

Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

We all know that holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year’s Eve are something we can’t avoid in our lives. We are also aware of the fact that when it’s celebrations’ time we consume large quantities of food and we forget about the dietary plans we are on. Read on to find the perfect solution to keeping your slender figure after any celebration. One thing we need to take into account is that balance should be our ally. Put simply, you don’t have to crave for food; you can be on a diet and still reward yourself for your accomplishments. Moreover, it is important that you give your body what it needs, be it a well balanced diet or a training program, even when celebrations are round the corner. Remember that the best plan to do this is by having an encouraging approach. Another important thing to do is to stay away from promises. If you are on a diet you should stick to it as much as you can, especially during the upcoming holidays considering it’s now labor day.


Promising yourself that you will stop eating such thing in the next few weeks is not the right way to go about a diet. The only thing you do when you make promises (that you know will not be kept) is stress yourself through the holidays. Give yourself a treat but in a moderate way. Remember that your success depends exclusively on balance. Action plan: Get moving: during the holiday period you are likely to have more free time. Therefore, it is important that you keep your training program. Training will allow you to get rid of those extra calories you consumed. Moreover, your training program will also help you keep the right intake of food because you will energy. If you don’t like going to the gym, you can always go running or trekking. Nourishment: remember to stick to your dietary plan of six meals a day. When you eat more often your body does not crave for food, thus you eat less than when you leave out a meal. If you leave out meals your metabolic rate will go slower and you won’t be able to burn fat as quickly.


slim womanAlthough holidays can be a hard period for some people, all you need to do is continue with your dietary plan to provide your body with what it needs. Preparation: it is very common to know in advance what you will be doing during the holidays period. All you have to do is find low, mid and high calories meals and make sure that your high calories meals match the holidays. It is important that during subsequent days you consume low calories meals. Dos and don’ts: one important thing is not to eat meals that are unidentifiable. Make sure that your plate is full of vegetables but with new recipes. Remember to restrain from sugary drinks, fried food and desserts. However, keep in mind that you can reward yourself.


Another thing you should do is choose what you are going to eat wisely. Dry out: during the holiday period we tend to increase the intake of alcoholic beverages. Booze will certainly make you gain weight because it has a lot of sugar. The problem is that the more sugar you give your body, the more insulin it frees and the more fat you gain. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a glass of wine. Remember that this is all about balance. Most people seem to forget that the holiday period is to spend time with family and friends. Next time you celebrate something remember why you are doing so and enjoy the event as much as you can.