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lower ab workout

Six Pack Dreams


Best lower ab workout results are found in cardio exercises, good diet, and adequate water rather than performing a thousand crunches a week. The most misunderstood concept in the world of fitness is how to get rid of stubborn belly fat and develop six-pack abs. If I were to ask a group of a hundred people what their fitness goal was, I can bet the majority would say they want six pack abs. If I were then to ask them how they were planning on achieving that goal, chances are most of them would reply: By doing a lot of crunches, DUH!! As  Well.


The fact is, after a few months of someone doing just pure ab exercises, that person would probably be wondering: Where is my six-pack abs? Lower Ab Workout Alone is not the whole solution as the people mentioned above may have found out (usually the hard way). Performing crunches alone isn’t enough to get rid of your stubborn belly fat and achieve six pack abs. No doubt, lower ab exercises will build up strength along with a layer of muscles underneath all that fat, but what everyone needs to understand is that ab muscles that are covered by a layer of fat is not really six pack abs if you can’t see it.


As mentioned above that is the reason most people do not see their six-pack abs, no matter how many crunches they perform. If your goal is spot fat reducing (i.e reduce the fat around your waist area only), unfortunately there is no such thing. Your body cannot be compelled to shed fat in a specific area simply by exercising the muscles of that region. Rather, what you ought to focus on is losing body fat uniformly throughout the entire body while you exercise your abs.

Everything Begins with your Diet. I’ve said it time and time again, everything begins with your diet. If you want to shed body fat, you ought to eat four to six small meals per day, and you need to drink more water, lots more water which is key to weight loss and flat abs.

  • a) I Eat four to six meals per day: Eating several small meals per day prevents you from starving between meals. When the body starves between meals, you tend to eat larger portions. For example, it is recommended to eat 5 meals of 300 calories each spaced out by 3 hours, rather than eating one large meal of 1,500 calories. Although in both case, you consumed 1,500 calories, your body would have a better chance of burning 300 calories five times than 1,500 calories at once, plus the frequent eating of small meals helps to speed up your metabolism which is also another precursor to weight loss. Knowing this ultimate truth would help you understand that getting six-pack abs has a lot to do with how often we feed our bodies, rather than how often we perform lower ab workout routines.


  • b) Drinking water: Hydrating gives you the feeling of fullness, and prevents you from getting hungry too quickly. Keep a cup of water with you on your table at work and make sure you replenish it 4 to 5 times before the day ends. As a rule of thumb, drink as much water as half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces of water daily.



Keep your genetics in mind, the reality is that even if you maintain a good diet and begin shedding fat, it is not guaranteed that you would lose it in your abdominal region. The reason is simple: your body stores and sheds fat based on your genes. That means you don’t have any say in which part of your body you are losing the fat. Does that mean you cannot lose fat in your ab area? The only way to be assured you don’t lose any fat at all is by doing nothing.


Bottom line, a good diet and healthy eating habit are prerequisite to losing stubborn belly fat. Does lower ab workout routines still matter? It is only legitimate if you were wondering at this point whether it is necessary to do lower ab workout routines if you want to develop six pack abs, since those lower ab exercises do not help you lose fat around your waist. The workouts build a layer of muscles which also help to burn more fat in the lower ab region, but you need more than just that to really succeed and acquire visible six pack abs. Regardless, the answer is YES; you still need to exercise your abs but not necessarily by doing the regular crunches. There are better ab routines that target your entire core, and those are the ones you should focus on. Another rule of thumb is the wider area you work on or the more muscles involved in any one exercise the more beneficial it is for seeing results, and seeing it fairly quickly.


These abdominal exercise routines contribute to strengthening your ab muscles and the proper nutrition mentioned earlier, combined with very powerful high intensity interval training exercises helps shed the stubborn belly fat.


Reducing the fat and strengthening the muscles help reveal your six pack abs. One very effective lower ab workout routine that you can do involves doing some form of plank with jack knifes on a Swiss Ball. It is just like doing mountain climbers, but instead of your hands on the floor, your elbows are resting on the swiss ball and your legs are going up and down on each side of the swiss ball mimicking the drawing of Y signs. Repeat ten times in total. After you are finished, perform some light stretching exercises such as jumping jacks, or jump ropes, to get the blood flowing around your legs and core.

Doing following some of my tips mentioned will get you the six pack abs you are looking  for when considering doing lower ab workout. Don’t forget proper dieting and about ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily for maximum results.

Workout Routines For Toning Your Body Fast


Follow These Tips To Jump Start Your Fitness Goal



Being a busy man or women gives you very little time to take care of your own body in today’s society. A high percentage of our modern population have let themselves get out of shape simply because they don’t have enough time to eat healthy meals or workout, much less time to achieve their fitness goal by setting up effective workout routines.


If you want to get your sexy toned body back, but don’t have the motivation or drive to achieve it, you’re not alone. For most of us after a long day at work we are dragging home to try to fix a meal for our family. However, getting back in shape is essential for your health and for your family. Unfortunately, there really is no easy way of going about it, fad diets, and weight loss pills simply don’t work and are not at all healthy for your body.

The best and healthy way of doing things is to eat five healthy meals a day and exercise at least three days a week; do 2 of your workouts on the weekend if you have a more difficult time working out during the week.


Start out with 15 minute full body workouts that you perform right at home. Here’s how to get fit at home? Use workout routines for toning your body. They are fast paced and very effective for getting a sexy toned body and it minimizes the boredom because you have little time for rest in between sets.

The perfect toning plan consist of weight lifting, which is a high impact form of exercise. Resistance training which, contrary to popular belief, does not develop big bulky muscles but leans your body out quickly. Unless your goal is to develop that kind of body, even then a women cannot get that muscular unless she is taking drugs like steroids; which is not recommended for long term healthy living.


Weight training will tone your muscles, that may have sagged due to inactivity or weight gained over the years. Toned muscles not only give you that sexy, shapely body, they will also increase your metabolism which will help you to burn more calories and fat many hours after your exercise session has ended.


Working out alone will not get you toned. You must follow the right eating plan to take it to the next level. Diet is another important factor that affects your body to a large extent. Your food intake determines whether you lose weight or gain weight. Therefore, you should follow a diet plan to match your exercise routine.


Your diet should compliment both your lifestyle and workout routine. A balanced diet is essential for staying or getting in good physical shape. Your diet should include plenty of lean proteins and healthy carbohydrates and essential fats that have omega 3 to keep your energy levels high.


Resistance training without proper dieting can only take you so far; likewise, dieting without regular exercise can only take you so far. Both dieting and exercise is your best solution which will take you to the next level and give you the body you have always wanted; but it’s both a deliberate and a gradual repetitive process that leads to your health success.


Weight training and following a balanced diet are only two of the basic steps in the process of achieving overall fitness and vigor. Action Exercises Here are three things you can do immediately to start losing fat today:


First, if you are not exercising start immediately. If you are not sure what to do; pick up my book that explains exactly what you need to do to jump start you fitness goal.


Second, if you skip breakfast make a commitment to start eating breakfast every morning, until it becomes a habit.


Thirdly, cut back on eating junk food you’d be surprised how much fat will melt off just by doing these three things.

Top 4 Workout Routines For Your Workplace

exercise at work

Work can spill into workout hour. I understand. So here are the top 4 workout routines for your workplace. You can’t expect to lose weight using just these 4 workout routines. To lose weight safely, you need to incorporate a healthy diet plan as well as complete workout routines into your lifestyle.


However, for now, you can get started with these 4 workout routines for your workplace:


1.Take The Stairs.

Don’t use the elevator at work, take the stairs instead, always. Keep in mind I’m saying this by assuming your office is in the second or third floor. If your office is beyond the fourth floor, then by all means, save your effort, and breath, and take the elevator. In case your workplace is not in a building, then try to park a little bit away from your usual parking spot. This way you’ll walk more. But always park in well-lit areas of the parking lot. You don’t want to risk your security, do you?


2.Stand Up.

Every hour or so, stand up at your desk to stretch your body, even if you don’t get out of your cubicle, or room, to go anywhere in the office. If it’s safe, then lift your arms and arch your back. Hold for at least 20 seconds while breathing normally. This will energize your spine, helping in digestion, blood circulation, and so on. If you can’t stand up and stretch at your desk, look below for alternate options for working out at your workplace.


3.Brisk Walk.

Whenever you are on your Lunch Break this is a good exercise. Lunch breaks usually range from half-hour to one-hour most of the time. Even if you’re hard at work, you should always break away from your busy schedule to have your lunch and to get a break from work. Assuming you are definitely having your lunch at your lunch break, try to include a brisk walk in your lunch break as well. For this, you have to pack a light, yet filling, lunch. Have your lunch within 10-15 minutes, and use the rest of your lunch break to brisk walk around your office, office building, or just back and forth from your car to your desk. If you’re new to working out, have the brisk walk first, and then have your lunch to ensure your lunch stays inside of you.


4.Workout At Your Desk.

While seated at your desk, lift your knees and stamp lightly on the ground for at least 20 times for both knees. Then stretch your legs by straightening your legs. Flex and point your legs for 30 seconds each. Do this routine multiple times a day at your workplace.



Adding minor changes to your daily life by performing these 4 workout routines can and will make a difference in your activity level, therefore affecting your health in positive way. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle does not have to require you to make major changes to your daily life. Just by incorporating new minor changes such as adding more daily activities and including a healthy diet plan can pay off well for anyone.  So why not start today!

get into shape

Workout Routines Designed For Weight Loss


There are several workout routines to lose weight and if you are a beginner, the best way to get started with an exercise program after consulting with your doctor is to start walking. Walking is the easiest form of exercise to do and quite frankly, it is very effective and make it easier for anyone to just start! However, if you are someone who has worked out before, but maybe haven’t been consistent with your fitness routine or haven’t worked out in a long time, to prevent injury, it is best that you slowly ease back into an exercise regime. With that said, the key to being successful to get the body you want is to make physical fitness part of your regular lifestyle.


There many types of workout routines to lose weight that you can do either at the gym, at home, at the park, or on the beach. However, I’m sure most people will put together a workout routine at their local gym or at home to get started. If you are a new member to a gym, ask if your membership comes with a complimentary training session with a personal trainer. If the membership does not come with a complimentary training a session, there is usually a paid for session that can be purchased to get you started. Regardless, if there is a complimentary workout session, then take advantage and have the personal trainer show you around the fitness floor and show you how to use the fitness machines for the ones in which you are not familiar with; but as mentioned before, you can purchase a training package with a personal trainer and get in shape with a customized fitness routine.


If you prefer to do workout routines to lose weight at home, you can buy gym equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, weight bench, and more to create a home gym. If you don’t have the funds to put together a home gym, you can always get in shape by buying a collection of fitness videos or search for workout videos online. All you would need to do is purchase some basic gym equipment like free weights, a yoga mat, a medicine ball, and an aerobics step to create a mini home gym.


While you are getting in shape with workout routines to lose weight, it is also important that you begin eating a healthy, well- balanced diet that eliminates junk type foods. If you want to shed those extra unwanted pounds faster, then it is not a bad idea to count calories to lose excess weight. Another way to lose weight faster is to eliminate or cut back on eating processed foods. Processed foods are loaded with sugar, calories, and fat that will do nothing for your body but add extra weight.

Just try eating fresh food made primarily at home in your kitchen. Depending what you make from home and eat will make a huge difference in the result of your weight loss. Nutrition is a big part of the equation when it comes to weight loss. So don’t under estimate eating a healthy, fresh, balanced diet. Consume food for all the main food groups in moderation; lean protein, leafy green vegetables, minimal carbohydrates, whole grain food, and lots of water daily. Going from processed food to home meals made from scratch alone will put a noticeable dent in your weight loss goal.



To get the body you want, it will take being consistent with a regular fitness routine and eating healthier meals to lose weight. If ever you need weight loss help, then try hiring a personal trainer, even if it is just for a few training sessions. Likewise, if you need help with diet meal plan to eat healthier, hire a nutritionist. You can also access a lot of nutritional food charts online and get workout tips there as well. This website has tons of workout tips also.


Getting into shape and living a healthy life is a choice you make on your own. In fact, it will be one of the best decision you will make your whole life. Such a decision will help you to get the body you want all while helping you to develop good health. Without your health life would not be worth living. Everyone wants to wake up being lean, feeling fit, and have tons of energy daily; this article is made for you to get such a start that will improve your health in general. Good luck on your health quest!


7 Essential Steps To Maximize Your Workout Routines Plus Get Abs


Improve Your Workout Routines



Getting washboard abs does not have to be difficult. There is some misconception that doing hundreds of sit ups per day will give you six pack abs. This is simply not the case. You do not need to train your abs every day. The abs should be treated like any other body part.


Would you train your legs every day when you do your workout? So you do not need to perform an ab workout routine everyday either. You should do a maximum of 1-3 ab workout routines per week. You should aim to get between 1 and 2 days minimum rest between each workout to give your muscles time to recover and grow. Your ab workout routines should follow a similar structure to this.


Cardio warm up Stretching Weight Training / Resistance Training Ab dominal workout Cool Down Stretch As you can see the abdominal portion of your workout should be a small part of your training plan. The main reason people have 6 pack abs is that their body fat levels are low enough so that there abs shine through. That’s the key! Maintaining a low body fat percentage along with moderate ab workouts.


Therefore, the purpose of your training should be on burning fat. Weightlifting is one of the best sources of fat loss workouts that you can do for two reasons:


1) Your body is still burning calories up to 48 hours after a resistance exercise, as it mends and repairs your muscles.

2) The more muscle weight percentage your body has means your body will have a higher metabolic rate which your body uses to burn calories naturally in a faster way. Your routines should be intense and include exercises such as: Squats Clean and Press, deadlift, Bench Press, Push Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Curl and Pressing movements. These are basic resistance exercises and they are great for burning fat efficiently, because they involve large muscle groups and requires a lot of effort to do, therefore burning more fat.

leg exercise


The world of workout routines is growing more and more as people are turning to them to keep themselves healthy and in shape. Being involved with serious exercising involves staying committed to your program in addition to keeping your body properly fed with good minerals and nutrients. These two components working together is essential to overall success with nutrition and exercise being closely linked.Nutrition and exercise need to work together closely, one without the other will never provide true success.

  • A primary important point to remember about whatever workout routines you choose is that commitment to them is extremely crucial. The reason for this is because you want to have successful results from all of your hard work and effort, which can only be achieved by regular exercise and determination to not stop or give up. When that determination is made for your exercises it also needs to be made for your diet plan too. By combining a motivated commitment in both of these areas you will no doubt increase your health level and physical fitness level. Your health and fitness I.Q will being to accelerate, your learning starts to compound and your success becomes more visible in little time.


  • To start things off let’s talk about specific tips to help your exercise program. It’s always wise to begin you’re exercise routine not with the exercises you are doing but rather with a simple yet effective warm up. Your warm-up session should not be random but rather focusing on the muscle groups which are going to be exercised that particular day. You have to pump blood into your muscles by warming up fully, this will cause to avoid muscle tears and other injuries.


  • Start stretching the muscles that you shall be working on and this will slowly raise the heart rate, as you do not want to begin an intense workout with your muscles being cold and tight; as I said before, not doing this can lead to you becoming injured during a workout with pulled muscle or what not. So be sure to warm up and stretch the muscle groups that you will be concentrating on during your workout.

cool down after workout

  • As a proper warm-up at the beginning of your exercise routine is important so is having a cool down session at the end of it. A cool down may seem unnecessary but in actuality it allows your body to relax and the slowing of your heart rate to a normal pulse. When a proper cool down is in place your body is also more susceptible to rest and is protected from cramps or other uncomfortable problems later on. This would also be a good opportunity to stretch your muscles one more time.


  • What also will end up playing a huge role in the total results that you get from your workouts are the foods that you decide to eat after each workout. A best practice to regularly follow is to eat foods that are high in protein when you’re done with your workout. High-protein foods will go straight to your muscles restoring what was lost via your exercises. It will help to rebuild and recover the fatigued parts of your muscles. Always after you are done with some good cardio sessions it is essential for you to wait a short while and then eat this way. This is because your body will maximize all of the fat it just burned by using the fat that’s stored as your energy source. Protein is great for rebuilding your muscles, but try to eat a balance diet including lots of fruits and veggies. They are essential to eating right and losing weight.


  • One other very important thing for you to consider is to keep in mind, always stay hydrated. By not having enough water in the body will contribute to you becoming fatigue quite faster than you would if you did not exercise at all.


  • Remember that when you are involved with any good workout routine to always be sure to get plenty of rest, this is another key to your health success. The human body needs a lot of rest 7-9 hrs a night when possible so it can recover and begin to rebuild the muscles before you really have to use them again. These tips will help you to get the best results from your workout routines. For more workout help pick up one of my book here.


Workout Routines Designed for Results

Workout Routines Can Be Designed Specifically for Success



If you find yourself in the ever-growing category of those that are obsessed with hitting specific goals in regards to their health and weight-loss there are a few new exciting options available today. Workout routines can vary with time. It seems the workout routines of the past which were antiquated and boring have been revamped to deliver routines that are motivating them to bring real results. The days when you had to drop to the floor to do hundreds of sit-ups or become extremely exhausted doing what seemed to be thousands of jumping jacks are gone. Not to mention there’s no forgetting that ridiculously repetitive running in place. The type of exercises just mentioned above as being inefficient are just plain boring, in fact, mustering up some motivation to do them on a daily basis can be harder than actually doing the exercises themselves.


As those exercise routines get tossed out the window so do the goals you set in regards to your weight and health. The workout routines of today consist of any of the following mentioned programs from going to your local gym or fitness center, to purchasing equipment of your own that you can use in home, to even buying in home DVD-based workout programs. Not to mention this is the Internet age and there are all kinds of custom programs and plans online that can be tailored to meet your needs. These plans can vary depending on your age, current health, and the results that you’re looking to get from the program. Anyone just starting out would begin with simple workout routines that incorporate low impact repetitions this being the best way to go. Your workouts should never leave you out of breath or without the wish to keep on going, nor injure any particular muscle group.


A simple beginning workout routine would include exercises that are well known, for instance crunches that focus on the midsection. This particular workout would perhaps for the beginner be performed in sets of 3 to 5 with several breaks in between working up to a completion of 25 reps. From this point the new exerciser can move on to other exercises that work other areas of the body for instance the biceps. Starting with dumbbells for your biceps you’d want to get into a habit of performing 3 sets of reps with each set consisting of no more than 12 reps per arm. As your body becomes accustomed to the weight at that time it would be good to increase the weight of your dumbbells for added resistance. A crucial point to keep in mind is that as you increase your weight avoid increasing it dramatically as this can lead to an overtaxing of your muscles. There are also levels of exercise routines for intermediate and advanced individuals. These are usually reserved for those who wish to maintain results already achieved or to speed up a weight loss program. The intermediate and advanced program consists of the same exercises previously mentioned but contain more variation and more aggressive repetitions. For example, the abdominal curls are now added to “tuck crunches”, with all exercises being done for up to twenty-five reps. Of course, don’t forget to rest between sets!


Although ab exercises have been focused on in this article you also are given varying levels of a hamstring, forearm, legs, back, shoulders and cardio routines that are in place to get those areas of your body in shape. Making a fitness accessory purchase can also go a long way to increase the results you get from your workout routines. As an example consider a resistance band which can be used to help tone almost every part of your body. As an inexpensive accessory the ban can be used when you’re lying down, standing, or squatting against a wall. The band is best used when it’s placed underneath your feet and you pull on the handles upwards or outwards feeling the resistance in your arms, shoulders, back and chest. Another position where the bands can be handy would be when you’re in a reclining position and the bands are under your feet while you pull towards your body for tension engaging all kinds of upper and lower body muscles. The resistance band is probably one of the best accessories any beginner can buy. In addition to resistance bands a few other accessories that should be added to any workout routine would be dumbbells of varying weights, wrist or ankle weights as well as a heart rate monitor.


Of course all these suggestions about a great working exercise routine would completely null and void that routine if it did not come with the best possible nutritional eating plan. In accordance with any exercise plan must be a healthy diet plan to back it up. When someone eats right and nutritiously while on a workout or fitness plan they are improving the odds dramatically that their metabolism will work properly and that their body as a whole will function and perform better. Proper nutrition also goes a great distance in helping out your immune system, your brains alertness and response time as well as your skin. When an adequate diet and proper nutrition is avoided your body will respond by disappointing you rendering all of your exercise energies useless. What’s even more is that once you begin to see the results coming from your better eating habits you will have more motivation to increase the amount of time you exercise and give it your all.


The best diet for a workout routine or actually anyone alive today hands down would be a diet made up of foods that are rich in vitamins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and protein. Try not to forget about water either – when water is readily available it helps your body to stay hydrated due to the fact that regular exercise saps your body of its essential moisture. When considering the best diet for you just think back to the food pyramid you were taught in school. Your teachers had the right idea when they stressed the importance of getting in at least five servings of nutritious and healthy fruits and vegetables per day. Today the reasons for being healthy and staying fit are well-known by most people. The benefits you get from this type of lifestyle allow you to not just look better but also feel better. When proper workout routines are incorporated into your lifestyle you will immediately feel the benefits and enjoy a longer more satisfying life as well.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Fast – 3 Easy Steps That Work

The Ab Quest


There are many reasons why you may want to know how to get a flat stomach fast. Perhaps you have an upcoming holiday and want to hit the beach in style. Maybe you are getting married and want to look your best for the big day. Maybe you are worried about the health issues of being overweight. It doesn’t matter why; here are three simple steps on how to get a flat stomach fast that you can start today.


How To Get A Flat Stomach Fast


Step 1: What You Eat

As I am sure you know, getting your diet right is vital to get rid of stomach fat. While there are many complicated diet programs out there, you can improve your diet without becoming a nutrition expert. Some simple changes you can make today are switching from white bread to wholemeal. The same goes for white pasta and rice, switch to the brown whole grain versions. The white versions of these foods are over-refined to the point they have lost most of their nutritional value and are pure carbohydrate. The brown versions are less refined and contain complex carbohydrates which offer more nutrition and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Snacking is one area many people pile on the pounds, so what you snack upon can make a difference. If you feel the need for a snack, go for some fruit instead of potato chips, chocolate, and pastries.

Another aspect of your diet that affects how to get a flat stomach fast is portion sizes. Many of us don’t know what is meant by the portion sizes stated in recipes and end up eating more than we should. A portion of pasta or rice is usually a cupful. A medium potato should be about the size of a computer mouse, and a potion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.


Step 2: When You Eat

The timing of your meals throughout the day can also help in getting rid of stomach fat. Most of us eat 3 – 4 large meals a day. This results in long gaps between meals which causes our metabolism to slow down and burn calories much slower. By breaking your daily food intake into six meals, you will be giving your metabolism a kick-start each time. This will keep your body burning calories at an optimum rate.

weight loss

Step 3: Start Some Exercises

There are exercises for belly fat that are going to be necessary to lose fat quickly in conjunction with dieting. The best type of exercise for this is cardiovascular. Cardio exercise is any activity that gets your whole body moving and your heart rate beating faster. To get the full benefit from this, you need to keep it up for at least 30 minutes and do it for five days a week if possible. The single best type of cardio exercise is jogging, as this will burn 400 calories per 30-minute session. Doing some light resistance training will also give you and extra edge on your fat burning losing belly fat mission. Weight training is an excellent addition to your cardio, even light weights will help you firmer and toner faster. Therefore, you feel stronger, look better and have more energy. Since muscle is more compact than fat you will appear smaller. Not to mention having a learner body will have you burning more calories around the clock in auto pilot mode.

Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits

routine for workout



Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits Of Working Out


Physical exercise and fitness is a great way to gain health benefits, have fun and generally feel better. At least 30 minutes of exercise and fitness every day can change your life and give you these exercise and fitness top 5 benefits. For a high percentage of individuals, weight loss is their main reason and motivation for getting into shape, but in reality there are a lot of other benefits. Here are the exercise and fitness top 5 benefits in no particular order.


Working Out Promotes a Healthy Sleep

Are you having a hard time getting to sleep? And when you do sleep is it good quality sound sleep? If your answer is no to any of these questions, then you should start involving yourself in regular exercises which will drastically improve this for you. It will be effective in helping you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep as well. It is highly recommended to exercise, but you should do it earlier in the day time because you might find your energy acquired could keep you up past bedtime is some cases. Just put a gap between workout and bedtime and you will improve your sleep rather quickly.


Reduces the Risk of Being Affected By Diseases

Being active through regular exercises will boost the high density lipoprotein and decrease the unhealthy triglycerides. The blood will therefore flow smoothly in your body and as a result, the risks of cardiovascular diseases will be greatly reduced. Physical exercises will also reduce the risk of serious and deadly diseases such as colon, lung and breast cancer, stroke, arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Daily workout helps in reducing anxiety and stress by diminishing the electrical activities in your muscles. Your body also releases endorphin after each workout which results in boosting your moods and promoting relaxation. When your body is in this mode you are not likely to be easily stressed or anxious.


Improves your Sexual Performance and is Effective in Restoring Libido

If you get tired and lack the energy to enjoy intimacy with your partner, then regular physical exercise is all you need. As a man, you will always feel more energized after exercises which can lead to a great impact to your intimacy with your partner. You are also not likely to be affected with erectile issues that will slow you down when your partner is in the mood. This can be rather frustrating for men as a whole. For women, a routine workout can lead to enhanced arousal just the same as it can for a man.


workout routines

Improves Mental Acuity

Overall productivity and performance is greatly boosted by physical exercises and fitness. You will be able to manage your time well. Your mental focus will be boosted as well. An added advantage is that you will gain strength, stamina, and muscle tones which will boost your self confidence and you will start feeling better emotionally. You will be aware of your physical appearance and know you are at your best; lean, muscular and in great shape. Now you know the top reasons why you should involve yourself in a workout routine. Stop making excuses, regular physical exercises can save your life it is that important. Start integrating a workout program into your weekly schedule and take advantage of all the above discussed benefits. This is surely the best way to improve the quality of your life. When you lose motivation refer back to this article “Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits.” Don’t forget to sign up for my workout news letter and check out my Amazon best seller “How To Get Abs, Flat stomach exercises” ebook or paperback copy.

Exercise Ball Body Toning Workout.

Exercise balls have been around for some time now. They have various different names but they’re still exercise balls. They may be called Yoga, fitness, gym and other types of balls, but they are still fitness balls.The exercise ball started out as treatment balls for newborn babies but have somehow evolved into workout apparatuses for adults and young adults. There are a variety of exercises that can be done using the ball. Including exercises for the legs back shoulders, arms, stomach, calves.



I will cover some of the various types of exercises that can be done to get your body in shape using an exercise ball. In addition to that I will give you examples of what the exercises will look like when done correctly.  The exercises will help to tighten and tone your muscles, speed up your metabolism, and get you into the best shape of your life. Practice these exercises at least three times a week to see visible improvements. Exercising should be a lifestyle choice and not a fad. We will cover the exercises below to do for some quick results.



push up exercise with an exercise ball

Push Ups


Place the ball on the ground and get down on your knees and get your feet up onto the ball. Then you want to place your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart, and get into an upright position with your arm locked out all the way. The next motion would be to lower your upper body down to the floor and push back up using your arm chest and back muscles. Do three to four sets of as many reps as you can do. If you are not use to doing push ups or don’t already have a strong upper body you will not be able to do many at first but you will start to improve in a very short time. After you do this exercise you should start feeling your chest and arms begin to burn slightly.



lumbar exercise

Lumbar Flex


Using a similar position with the ball you will begin to do a lumbar flex. It will be the same concept with palms about shoulder width apart or a little wider on the floor, and your legs extended straight back in a line. With your body at about a 180 degree angle. Then you will use your back muscles and bring your feet from 180 degree angle up to a valve A 150 degree angle by flexing your feet back up with your back muscles, then go back to 180 degrees(a straight line with your body. You will start to feel the burn in your lumbar region of the back. This is a great overall back exercise for strengthening and toning. Again do what you can at first until you can do many, but always try to do three to four sets to begin.



squat exercise with a ball



Place the exercise ball against a wall and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. You will then use your back to roll the ball down as you squat down to where your knees and hips are in line, or about at a 90 degree angle then you will use your leg muscles and press back up until you are standing fully upright. You will repeat this exercise for 3 to 4 sets of as many reps as you can do, especially if you are a beginner. This is a powerful exercise which you will begin to see fast results if you do this exercise one or twice a week. This will also really harden your legs and speed up your metabolism more than most other exercises.




Not to overwhelm you  if you are new to working out or if you have not worked out in some time, but these are a few good exercises to start doing using an exercise ball. There are many other exercises to cover in the future. Keep checking out this website for updates on stand fit and healthy. Please also check out my book on diet and exercise focused on flat stomach exercises.

Good Way to Lose Weight


There is one good way to lose weight. Do so incorrectly and you must expect that the pounds will come back – with interest.

Losing weight can be difficult. Keeping the weight off is however even more difficult. This confirms a survey conducted by Kraschnewski and colleagues two years ago. Of the 14,000 participants who declined ten percent, only managed fifteen percent of them actually kept the weight off for one year.

This is often caused by a combination of several factors, but much could be prevented, if they lost weight properly. To do that requires knowledge of the body’s defense mechanisms, and what one should do to prevent their body from working against them.

Body’s defense mechanisms
When you lose weight your body will adapt by implementing several processes.


Appetite increases.
Resting Metabolism decreases (more than weight loss would indicate).
You move unconsciously less than previously.
The energy consumption of motion decreases (you become more energy efficient).
This is the body’s normal response to an energy deficit (weight loss), depending on the size of it and how long you’ve been in the energy deficit stage. The greater the weight loss, the stronger the signal.

Those of you who constantly cut in energy intake will eventually be a huge mismatch between energy intake and body weight. The result may be that even if you eat very little food (6-9 kcal / pound) you will not go down at the pace you wanted to.

These is only a good solution. Many people choose the wrong approach and eat even less. Doing so, will cause the mismatch to only grow larger. Over time, this will lead to difficulty losing additional weight. It will be even more difficult to keep the weight off.


Do not let the scale ruin it for you.
When dieting, it is important to do everything right from day one.

It is important that you understand that your body weight is only the sum of everything you weigh. It says nothing about how you look or how you feel. Allowing the scale alone to determine your progress, can be very debilitating.

Although the goal is to lose weight, there are several tools that are more important.

One is waistline. The waist measurement will give a good idea on which way it goes. Go down around the stomach, while the weight is stationary, this means that you have lost a lot of fat and maybe built some muscle.

The second tool is progress in strength. Do not plan to lose much weight without strength training; if you did that this is a very bad idea. Your strength is a good indication that you burn a lot of fat when exercising and at rest.

How your clothes fit your body and compliment from other people around you, is not without significance.


Read More -Check out our 1 RM calculator

If you are going to lose weight you should aim to shed most of the weight that is fat and not muscle that provides form and shape.

So briefly summarized (ranked by how important they are):

Waist measurement
Increased strength (relative to body weight).
How clothes fits body and the compliment from others.
Bathroom weight.
When you have a broader and more precise approach to your objective chances are significantly greater that you will become one of the fifteen percent that succeed.

You should achieve a positive plan for at least one of the tools. If your weight had not improved for three weeks, as long as your waistline goes down and your strength goes up you are making progress.


The solution is easier than you think
Now hopefully you have understood the theory behind weight loss, it is important to look into what can be done in practice.

Be stingy on calories is ok as long as you don’t cut your energy level in doing so. Remember that everything you do should be realistic to implement for the long term. The faster you cut your energy intake, the greater the negative effects. Although your weight maybe at a standstill, it may be that you burned the fat and therefore you are getting a beautiful body. Since you aim to lose a certain number of pounds. Also aim to look amazingly good!
Try to move a lot. Rosenbaum, an expert in the field of clinical weight loss, through their research know that to maintain an acceptable level of physical activity is important to lose weight and keep the weight off.
Strength training causes you to burn more fat percentage wise, in addition to that it will give you muscles that make the physical appearance improves. Another positive thing is that with strength training you will be able to maintain a higher resting metabolism.
You may have been overweight for 5, 10 or 20 years? So be realistic and do not expect to be thin in 8 weeks. Weight loss is more of a gradual process of repeated good habits after good habits over time, this will give your long term results.
3 tips for people who have had great success:
I.Many of you might have already started to lose weight. Some of you may not have seen great improvement thought? There is no reason for despair – you can almost always fix what you’ve done wrong. It requires, however, that you trust that the advice I give is better than the ones you tell yourself.

2.You might weigh 164 lbs and eat 1300 kcal. Fortunately your body adapts both ways. You need to eat more, so you will burn more.

Increase energy intake by 2-400 hundred kcal. This will increase resting metabolism and you will have more energy to move more.
3.Eat more protein. Although one pound of muscle and one pound of fat burns about the same in rest, a modest increase in muscle mass over time could increase resting metabolism by up to 10%. Protein is essential to maintain and build muscle.
Become stronger. As I previously mentioned, strengthening is a good indication that you burn fat. Strength training can help to increase resting metabolism, while you build muscle that makes you burn more when you are active.
The most important thing you can do when things have gone a little bad for you is to take action – the sooner the better. You have the tools to lose weight and keep it off. You just need to implement them and get back up when you have made some bad choices with your diet and exercise plan.