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Best lower ab workout results are found in cardio exercises, good diet, and adequate water rather than performing a thousand crunches a week. The most misunderstood concept in the world of fitness is how to get rid of stubborn belly fat and develop six-pack abs. If I were to ask a group of a hundred people what their fitness goal was, I can bet the majority would say they want six pack abs. If I were then to ask them how they were planning on achieving that goal, chances are most of them would reply: By doing a lot of crunches, DUH!! As  Well.


The fact is, after a few months of someone doing just pure ab exercises, that person would probably be wondering: Where is my six-pack abs? Lower Ab Workout Alone is not the whole solution as the people mentioned above may have found out (usually the hard way). Performing crunches alone isn’t enough to get rid of your stubborn belly fat and achieve six pack abs. No doubt, lower ab exercises will build up strength along with a layer of muscles underneath all that fat, but what everyone needs to understand is that ab muscles that are covered by a layer of fat is not really six pack abs if you can’t see it.


As mentioned above that is the reason most people do not see their six-pack abs, no matter how many crunches they perform. If your goal is spot fat reducing (i.e reduce the fat around your waist area only), unfortunately there is no such thing. Your body cannot be compelled to shed fat in a specific area simply by exercising the muscles of that region. Rather, what you ought to focus on is losing body fat uniformly throughout the entire body while you exercise your abs.

Everything Begins with your Diet. I’ve said it time and time again, everything begins with your diet. If you want to shed body fat, you ought to eat four to six small meals per day, and you need to drink more water, lots more water which is key to weight loss and flat abs.

  • a) I Eat four to six meals per day: Eating several small meals per day prevents you from starving between meals. When the body starves between meals, you tend to eat larger portions. For example, it is recommended to eat 5 meals of 300 calories each spaced out by 3 hours, rather than eating one large meal of 1,500 calories. Although in both case, you consumed 1,500 calories, your body would have a better chance of burning 300 calories five times than 1,500 calories at once, plus the frequent eating of small meals helps to speed up your metabolism which is also another precursor to weight loss. Knowing this ultimate truth would help you understand that getting six-pack abs has a lot to do with how often we feed our bodies, rather than how often we perform lower ab workout routines.


  • b) Drinking water: Hydrating gives you the feeling of fullness, and prevents you from getting hungry too quickly. Keep a cup of water with you on your table at work and make sure you replenish it 4 to 5 times before the day ends. As a rule of thumb, drink as much water as half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces of water daily.



Keep your genetics in mind, the reality is that even if you maintain a good diet and begin shedding fat, it is not guaranteed that you would lose it in your abdominal region. The reason is simple: your body stores and sheds fat based on your genes. That means you don’t have any say in which part of your body you are losing the fat. Does that mean you cannot lose fat in your ab area? The only way to be assured you don’t lose any fat at all is by doing nothing.


Bottom line, a good diet and healthy eating habit are prerequisite to losing stubborn belly fat. Does lower ab workout routines still matter? It is only legitimate if you were wondering at this point whether it is necessary to do lower ab workout routines if you want to develop six pack abs, since those lower ab exercises do not help you lose fat around your waist. The workouts build a layer of muscles which also help to burn more fat in the lower ab region, but you need more than just that to really succeed and acquire visible six pack abs. Regardless, the answer is YES; you still need to exercise your abs but not necessarily by doing the regular crunches. There are better ab routines that target your entire core, and those are the ones you should focus on. Another rule of thumb is the wider area you work on or the more muscles involved in any one exercise the more beneficial it is for seeing results, and seeing it fairly quickly.


These abdominal exercise routines contribute to strengthening your ab muscles and the proper nutrition mentioned earlier, combined with very powerful high intensity interval training exercises helps shed the stubborn belly fat.


Reducing the fat and strengthening the muscles help reveal your six pack abs. One very effective lower ab workout routine that you can do involves doing some form of plank with jack knifes on a Swiss Ball. It is just like doing mountain climbers, but instead of your hands on the floor, your elbows are resting on the swiss ball and your legs are going up and down on each side of the swiss ball mimicking the drawing of Y signs. Repeat ten times in total. After you are finished, perform some light stretching exercises such as jumping jacks, or jump ropes, to get the blood flowing around your legs and core.

Doing following some of my tips mentioned will get you the six pack abs you are looking  for when considering doing lower ab workout. Don’t forget proper dieting and about ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily for maximum results.

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