Two Free Ways to Lose Weight Immediately

I know you think I’m a snake oil salesman, just by saying that I have two free things you can do today to help start losing weight instantly, without selling you any diet books or exercise guides, and really without even making you learn anything new. But I’m not. In fact, I hope you’ll give me a fair shake, because I’ve got something awesome to share with you. These are two free ways to lose weight immediately.  My first suggestion is extremely simple: eat more slowly. Eating more slowly gives your body more time to alert your brain that your belly is full. A recent article about this calls it “mindful eating”: When eating it take somewhere close to 20 minutes for your mind and belly to realize you are full. If you eat too fast you might be onto your 2nd or 3rd serving before your mind and stomach figures it all out.  


Hormones deliver the message “I’m full!” to your brain, but they take 15-20 minutes to get there regardless of how much you’ve eaten. So if you eat slower, you’ll get that message without eating as much “extra” and therefore without consuming as many calories, and as much fat. So simply reducing the amount of food you eat at a single serving, if you think about it, this simple tip can have immediate impact on your weight loss efforts. As for the second simple, free diet tip: Drink more water. Science Daily points out that water can help you feel full, does not contain the sugars and fat builders that sodas include, and avoids dehydrating caffeine. Basically water is the fluid of life, and it’s healthier for you to drink it without any sugar and carbs that your energy drinks and sodas contain. It helps all your cellular processes and helps you feel healthier, because it helps you be healthier.


drink more water

Caffeine can pick you up, but it also dehydrates so it is counterproductive to drink caffeinated drinks all day. You may improve your taste for water by getting a Brita filter or by buying bottled water in bulk at a sam’s club, BJ or costco warehouse, because in many cities it does taste better and have fewer impurities than municipal tap water. You will quickly get use to the taste of a pure and refreshing bottle water and avoid those sugary drinks. Whatever you do, drink more water!  Follow these two free ways to lose weight immediately.

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