Setting Goals for Health and Fitness Success

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Setting Goals for Health and Fitness Success

Health and fitness go hand in hand. In order for you to maintain your health, you must be physically fit. However, that is much harder than it sounds. This is especially true if you have not been taking care of your physical fitness up until now.The more weight you have to lose and the more fitness you need to attain, the longer and harder you will have to work.

One of the reasons that many people find themselves giving up on their physical fitness is that they think they can do it all at once. They expect to see automatic results from their efforts, and when they do not, they give up; you do not haveto be one of these people. Goals give You Something to Work toward in order toget physically fit and find a way to continue working on your fitness levels, you need goals.

If you havea goal, then you have something to work toward. This will give you a sense of achievement once you reach the goal that you set. Once you have that sense of achievement, you will find it even easier to continue on to your next goal. Each time that you reach a goal, you will be prompted to go for the next goal.With these goals in place, you will have a much better chance at health and fitness success.

Setting Realistic Goals

In order foryou to make sure that you are able to achieve your goals, you need to make them realistic. For example, you do not need to expect to lose 40 pounds in a month. Instead, you need to truly come up with goals that you can realistically reach. Think about whether or not you want to your goals to be based on a time frame or a weight goal. For example, you could choose to have a certain goal each week or month. Alternatively, you could choose to have goal points for certain amounts of weight lost or certain exercise levels reached. You could set a goal to run or walk a mile and then move that up to three miles and so forth.

What Goals Will Work?

In order toset realistic goals, there are a few factors you will need to take into consideration. Your current level of physical fitness will be extremely important. You cannot expect to just stand up and run 5 mile if you have never done that before, or if you can’t remember the last time you ever performed such an activity. Instead, you need to consider what you are capable of physically and then slowly work your way up to more exercise.

Trying to do too much all at once will cause over exertion and you could get too frustrated to keep trying or even injured. If you choose to set weight loss goals, then you need to be realistic about how much weight you can healthily lose in a weekor a month. Most doctors will all recommend the same thing. They will indicate that it is best to aim for losing about 2.5 pounds each week. Any more than this could be unhealthy. However, losing this amount of weight each week is quite an attainable goal to set.

The Bottom line is this, no matter how you have tried to achieve health and physical fitness in the past, it probably did not work too well if you did not have goals to follow. We all need something to work for and attain. By setting goals, it gives you something to achieve, a stepping stone that leads to your next goal.

When you have something to achieve and a burning desire for seeking to achieve something; you will find it much, much easier to actually achieve your goals. Remember that fitness and health go hand in hand. When you are physically fit, you canbe a much, much healthier person. Think of all the new found energy you will have now to take on all the other challenges of life, it’s a win-win situation for anyone.  

A Necessary Fitness Plan


Physical Fitness of the Body

One of the priorities of human beings in this life is to be healthy and pleasantly fit in order to be saved from all forms of diseases and sicknesses. One wonderful thing about living a healthy and fit life is the fact that, you can decide to live that kind of life at any time during your journey through life. When you want to live a healthy and fit life style it’s important to know the relevance of taking the right step because, if you do not know the importance of doing, it is often very difficult to go through with it.

Fitness does not only mean having a healthy body but also having a very sound mind too. Being physically active is very important when you want to prevent any form of heart disease in your system. Some people put the love of smoking before their health, this is very dangerous. All over the world both the young and old die of various diseases that could have been prevented if fitness and healthy living habits were implemented in the lives of those people; the sooner the better.

It does not matter how old or young you are when it comes to diseases because, they can attack you at any age. These days, it can be a challenge for most to say fit because is often much easier for many to take magic pills, and other medication to try to solve their health issues. Individuals trying to medicate to lose weight and get in shape are fighting an uphill battle.  Know that staying physically fit is a combination of eating the right foods and living a healthy life style, which incorporates regular physical exercise. Pills should not be take long term to lose weight in most cases.

Proper diet and exercise needs to be incorporated in a lifestyle designed for optimum health and longevity. The Fitness Tribe can provide you with the right exercises and food habits to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating less fatty foods, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and consuming more water can be very helpful; in addition regular exercise will take anyone over the top and make them successful in their weight loss desire. Taking daily walks is one easy way to burn lots of fat and calories, not to mentions exercising will naturally increase your metabolism to where your body is constantly burning more fat on auto pilot. For those who do not have the time to take morning walks or do common house hold chores, it will advisable for you to walk in the office instead of using the elevator; this can also be a good form of exercise daily, and doing this can quickly improve your overall  health and fitness.

Get Back in Shape Today

There are very few of us who right now are at our ideal health and fitness levels. Why is that? It’s because we feel that we are too busy to eat right and exercise. With our work, kids, and social life – it seems that there just isn’t enough time to get in shape. But there is hope for those who feel too overwhelmed to even begin a fitness routine. It will involve making priorities – which includes giving up a few things and including a adding a few new things. But you will find it to be more than worth it in the end. You will feel better and look better.

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Imagine the confidence you will have around your friends, relatives, and neighbors when you look fit and trim, and feel healthy. And you might just add a few years to your life in the process. As mentioned prior, you will probably avoid many potential illnesses due to an inactive lifestyle. It does not have to be hard to get in shape. Take it from the beginning and ease into it. When you go shopping, or any other errand or appointment, park at the far end of the parking lot. That will add a good little walking workout to your fitness routine – it all adds up, the key here is finding every opportunity possible to include some sort of exercise. When you get home from work, you can take a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood. In addition, if you have kids, ask them to come along too. You can talk over the day’s activities while you get in some much needed physical fitness and time to bond with your children. Children are often lacking in physical activity these days.

Many people choose television over exercise. But what do you have after watching a television show or movie? You have gained nothing, except for more stress in most cases since you could have spent your time doing something more productive. You could have worked out during that time, and would be much closer to your health and fitness goals. Before starting any exercise regimen, it is a good idea to visit your doctor and get a physical exam to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise regularly. You want to make sure that there are no underlying health problems that might become worse from increased physical activity.

Remember this, you do not have to get in your 30 minutes of exercise time in one shot. You can break it up into 5, 10 or 15 minute segments throughout your day. This makes it seem less overwhelming, and actually makes it more fun while you build up your tolerance for exercise. Plus, exercise should be fun. Remember when you were a kid? You didn’t see exercise as drudgery, it was a by-product of your play-time. This is the same attitude you should rediscover. Turn your exercise time into playtime and you will progress much faster than you might think, and discover tons of new found energy that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

Best Workout Plans For Those Of Us Not Still In Our Prime

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Still Working Out As You Get Older

I am not a licensed trainer currently, a physical therapist, or a former professional athlete, but I have focused on keeping healthy by exercising since I was in my 20’s. My focus has been on improving my health and fitness during the entire time. I am a lot older now. I am not the ultimate example of the fit 40 something year old, but I have no lower back pain, am injury free and rarely have other aches or pains. I am able to work on soccer drills with my daughter and play catch with the same little girl for baseball and basketball. The best benefit of all is that I rarely sit on the sidelines for anything else life may throw at me.


Here is the criteria I now use for every exercise session. No injuries when I exercise.  No boredom when I exercise.  No dreading exercise time every day. I think about all of the benefits to me and my family. No exercise program taking up the best part of my day.  No resting all day after exercise. My life is not exercise. It is just a tool. I do want to be able to handle any stress, challenges, and opportunities that come my way. Here are additional requirements for any exercise, fitness and diet program that I will participate in. No exercise time more than 75 minutes. Exercise at home if I do not make it to a gym or club. Balance the stress I put on muscle groups. Listen to my body and adjust the intensity and duration of any particular exercises, this is particularly good for your health and fitness goals.


Here is a list of the particular exercise routines that I have found work the best for me. Maybe they will work out well for you too.

Workout on a recumbent bike (laid back, reclining position)

Alternate sprints for 30 seconds with 2 minute cool down periods .Work up to a combination of 8 of these in 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute cool-down.


You have just spent 30 minutes building your heart and muscles. On alternate days do the following trying to increase your repetition. Body weight exercises that require only two pieces of equipment, the pull-up bar and the floor.


Start with modified push-ups, with my knees and hands on the floor- progress to military push-ups Knee bends where I only move a few inches up and down- progress up to 100 repetitions.

Pull-ups with my feet on a box to adjust the weight I am lifting- progress to free hanging pull-ups.

Calf raises on both feet to start- progress to one foot at a time.


With these exercises you are giving your heart and muscles a great workout and not spending your days sore, exhausted or frustrated. Consistency is the key. How important is your health to the quality of your life? Really! The theme here is not to blast my muscles with incredible weights and low repetitions constantly.

I want my body to handle many repetitions of every movement just like the movements required by my everyday life. Heavy weights can be awesome if done correctly and when you know the right time for doing heavy weights.  You certainly won’t necessarily have the best health by constantly doing heavy weight. It’s best to take a break from heavy lifting and mix it up from time to time. My life away from exercise is not going to be “3 sets at 80% of my lifting ability”. I want to be able to keep going all day in whatever I do. Keep that in mind and plan your exercise accordingly. Drink plenty of water and stretch after you are warmed up and when you are finished exercising. Doing the things mentioned above will work wonders for your health and fitness desire.

Back Exercises

Some Awesome Back Exercises For You

Back Exercises will tone you and build up a major muscle group in your body. Back exercises will build one of the superstar muscle group of fitness, the back muscles. You don’t have to be into bodybuilding to see the benefits in these exercises listed below. These are top notch exercises that will firm, tone and build your overall back appearance in a good way. You can’t just look good from the front with flat abs and all, you also need to look good from the back too, and this is where these back exercises will come into play in a major way. Fitness should be a big part of your lifestyle if you plan to have a flat stomach and be in great shape for life. Lifting weights and working out will not turn you into a bodybuilder, and performing these exercises does not mean you are now bodybuilding. You are building muscles yes, and muscles are good because they actively burn more fat and help to speed up your metabolism just by having more muscle weight, compared to fat. If you are looking for steroids the S4 SARM called Andarine are considered to be safer alternatives to steroids.

Strength training is an important part of health and fitness. Strength training will build the muscles you need to make weight loss more effective. Just dieting along and not exercising, especially not doing any kind of strength training will prevent you from seeing faster and greater results. If you are dedicated to losing weight and looking really good fast, you should then do strength training because it has so many benefits I would not know exactly where to start. I have put some good back exercises below to harden, strengthen, tone and build your back muscles up nicely. This is one of the largest muscle group in your body. So if you add a few pounds of solid back muscles imagine how much faster your metabolism will become, and how much more fat it will burn just by adding in some or all of these back exercises into your workout routine. Being soft and fat would be a thing of the past with some serious dedication, exercising and dieting. You would get results fast, and feel better even faster. You need these exercises if you are seriously into health and fitness and want to improve physically. Always be really careful with deadlifting, this is a serious exercise, I call it the superstar of strength building along with squats. Always start off light weights on deadlift and build up gradually. Deadlift is a major strength building exercise that will give you awesome strength gains if done continuously over time, but you can get back injuries if you do not know what you are doing or if you are lifting too much weight to soon; let your muscles develop slowly by building your foundation solid at first by doing tons of light weight before building up to massive weight if that is your intention later on. If you just intend to do light weight on deadlift you will still get enormous results in strength in little time.

musclesWell enough of me rambling on about how great deadlifting is for your overall muscle building and strengths. I am really passionate about deadlifting and squats, 2 of my favorite exercises and most peoples least favorite exercises. Regardless, these are the 2 superpowers of exercise and strength training. Anyways, here are some really good back exercises below, enjoy. Also, look out for many more exercise tips, articles and exercises I will be coming out with in future blogs. You also can subscribe and get access to many more great exercises like the ones below just by adding your email information in the signup box