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An Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!


Are you drowned up to the neck with luxuries and means of relaxation to the extent that ‘Lazybones’ has become your second name? You need to be shaken up and brought to terms with the real picture. Not a pleasant one at all, you must wake up to the scene of aging with grace, rather than aging with obesity, diabetes, gastric problems, breathing problems, chest pain, depression, low self-esteem, constipation, joint pains, blood pressure issues, osteoporosis… the list is almost endless! None of those things mentioned will lead to a healthy you.


Running away from exercising is no solution, as it is eventually a harmful choice to your own well being in the long run. Instead explore what exercises you can do to keep healthy. And to your sheer surprise, there are so many simple activities you can do that can amount to exercising! To begin with, walking down to the neighborhood grocery store and giving up the remote control to change between favorite TV channels can be a good bit of exercises! No kidding. These may just be the curtain raiser to pitch you into a better daily routine comprising of more physical activities than you normally engage in. Exercising is always a relative and subjective matter. It is not about torturing your body with rigorous and lengthy sessions of push-ups or weight lifting from day one. Not at all!

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Exercising is all about feeling better about you – better self-esteem, better emotional health, and better physical fitness – by way of any physical activity, from sports to simple walking down the road that can catch your body and mind at work. And it should always be a slow and steady process to a disciplined routine, to suit your comfort (interest) zone and within your constraints in terms of time, budget and stamina. Though ideally speaking, regular exercise means vigorous exercise at least three times a week so that you breathe and sweat hard for at least 20 minutes each time, it must never be overtiring as well as it should always be preceded by warm up and cool down exercises for about five minutes.


You can use a simple talk-sing test to see whether you are exercising at an accurate pace. If you can talk while you are exercising, the pace is ideal. If you can sing during exercise, you need to quicken up, and if you can neither talk nor sing during exercise, chances are that you are exercising too fast or too hard. You may need to slow down a bit especially if you are not in the ideal health at the moment. Easy test, isn’t it?


I mention this again because it is very important, it is advisable to cool down for five to ten minutes after an exercise routine, just like warming up. You must drink ample water during and after exercising, and try to avoid exercising two to three hours before bedtime if possible. If you are suffering from any kind of severe pain or breathing problem or any other health problem, you must consult your doctor before beginning with any exercise routine/program. If you are not a member of a fitness club and can afford to become one, then you should seriously consider joining. You don’t necessarily need to have a gym membership to get healthy, however being in that kind of environment can often motivate a person to improve in their healthy lifestyle quest. Going to the gym and constantly seeing attractive physiques can be a great motivator when it comes to having a nice body, and in no time you are the one with the nice too; but you must exercise regularly to keep fit!  Remember this, what you desire can often become reality with hard work and persistence. If you want to get healthy bad enough and do what it takes to get it, then it can be yours. It comes down to how badly do you want whatever it is that you want, in reality a healthy lifestyle can be yours.

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