These 5 Healthy Foods Could Be Killing Your Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan


Avoid These Food Crimes


Do you know there are few healthy foods that can completely ruin your fast weight loss diet plan? Healthy foods are sometime not really healthy if not eaten in the correct way. Read further to know these 5 healthy foods and why they are no healthier for your weight loss quest if not taken in a right manner.


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1) Salads: It is quiet strange to know that salads can be harmful for your fast weight loss plan. It is because salad is something which is difficult for most of the people to gulp it down their throat. So in order to make it tasty what they do is load their healthy salads with dressing of mayonnaise, sweeteners, other preservatives and lots of salt contains harmful sodium. Instead, putting a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice or garlic could be a better choice.


2) Fruit juice or drinks: I think it is not required to emphasis the importance of eating raw fruits as compared to fruit juices. When a fruit is converted into fruit juice, it loses a lot of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, the fruit juice we get in the restaurant contains almost 80 grams of sugar preservatives and the juices are actually made of fruit pulp instead of fresh fruit. Therefore, we tend to gain more weight drinking fruit juices instead of losing weight. The right choice would be eating fresh fruits with their skin to get the most out of it.


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3) Muffins: Muffins may look like a healthy option but in fact they are not. Muffins are loaded with sugar and refined flour. Each muffin has a good 500 calories hidden in it. So the right option would be a muffin made of whole wheat which is safer. An apple and a banana would be a healthier choice. 


4) Cheese: Cheese is made of milk which contains the much needed protein and calcium. On the other hand, cheese is also full of fat. And the cheese we get in the market are processed ones with added salt and artificial flavors. The best choice is cheese such as feta or parmesan which are good for health.


diet planning5) Grains: It is a popular belief that when something contains cereals or is multi-grain, it is a healthy food. However if you check the label of the most of the food like bread or pasta, it merely contains refined grains such as white flour which is not a healthy options as compared to whole grains. The best way to avoid eating such unhealthy stuff is to avoid eating out and stop eating processed or tinned foods. The way to lead a fat free and a healthy lifestyle eat as fresh as possible; and consume food in the right manner with regards toppings used, portion size, number of meals, etc. Check out some of my books on healthy dieting and exercise tips. You can also sign up on the this website by entering your email, and access my top 50 exercise to transform your body in little time in the members area. You might just end up with the body you truly desire. You just never know. 

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