How to Get a Flat Stomach With No Machines – 3 Secrets For Attention Grabbing Six Pack Abs

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Getting a Six Pack Explained


Have you ever wondered how to get a flat stomach? Sure you have, who hasn’t? People are constantly looking for techniques that will get them that pack of 6 abs but most of the time the costs are too high for that luxury. Here are three tips that can get you on the way to your destination. Getting six pack abs is not such a big deal after all. You just need the patience and the dedication that’s all – and perhaps a little bit of knowledge too.


The abs contain muscle groups that flex the torso forward, to the side and rotate it. These muscles need to be strengthened a bit. The way to do this is to do 2 exercises that include forward flexion and side flexion as well as rotational exercises – these exercises would include forward crunches and sit-ups (forward flexion) side bends and side crunches (side flexion) trunk rotation and standing twists (rotational exercises). Then you will need to increase your metabolism to burn that extra flab that covers your abdominal muscles. To do this you will need to warm up at a comfortable pace for 2 to 5 minutes then do some hard work, as hard as possible.


stomachTry sprinting very fast or running up a slope or stairs. Then stop to catch your breath for 2 minutes than repeat the hard task. Do this 5 times. Stabilize your blood sugar. This is very important when it comes to burning fat. The body burns calories 24 hours a day so why feed it only three times a day? Eat small portions frequently like ever 2 hours on a regular basis. This will prevent the blood sugar levels from fluctuating from high to low. Eating that frequently will speed up your metabolism. Don’t mistake eating with eating unhealthy sugary, salty and fatty foods. Focus on avoiding processed foods; instead focus on fresh, delicious, nutritious, and low calorie foods; add in the physical activity mentioned above, and watch the inches melt away over a relatively short amount of time. 

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