Toned Abs

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Having toned Abs is an awesome feeling. Exercise can be hard especially for those who have belly fat. This is why people tend to give up right even before starting because they know they would not last a month with that kind of exercise regimen. But, what if there is a way for you to lose your fat with these exercises? With diet and the proper techniques, you can slowly lose all that fat in a slow but sure way.


The first step with belly fat exercises is to do cardio exercises for 30-45 minutes after warm-up. If you want to lose your belly fat, you need to lose body fat. There is no such thing as reducing fat at one point in your body only. If you want to lose some parts, lose them all. Jogging, running, and biking are some cardio exercises you can try. Increasing your metabolism is another good way of trimming down your belly fat. You can do so with another form of belly fat exercises which is weight lifting through strength training. This does not mean that you have to lift really heavy weights to get your body up and running. You can do these exercises with the use of lightweight iron but with many repetitions.


Do leg lifts, crunches, and squats in various sets. Do at the very least 5 sets of each exercise every other day and try to increase them as you go along. Then you can try more complicated belly fat exercises like the plank position, reverse crunches, exercise ball crunches and other exercises that focus on your abdomen. After you do all these complex exercises, remember to have your cool down exercise to prevent any forms of strains to your body. A healthy combination of training, discipline, diet, and exercise is the right way to get your flat toned abs. Get more tips here

Stomach Fat Burner

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In this article I will cover some practical stomach fat burner ideas. You can succeed at stomach fat burning with a plan. The problem of obesity has become a great concern for many already because the lifestyle of today’s generation is more on less walking, and more typing most of the day. We have grown to live an immobile lifestyle. But if your not obese, but you already notice that tummy fat slowly building layers around your trunk, then it’s about time indeed that you take time to know how to lose tummy fat. If you decide on doing one thousand crunches as a way of how to lose tummy fat, then you are definitely going the wrong way. Crunches are good, but by themselves they are not the most effective way to burn through those thick layers of fat. If you want to lose the fat around your belly, then you will have to lose everything else. This means that you don’t focus your exercise alone on your abdomen, but rather on the whole body. Set a realistic goal as well. How to lose tummy fat should not be as hard as you think it is. Stomach fat burner can be a reality for you if you do things that fosters stomach fat burning. 


The problem with us is that we want the results in an instant. So we make goals that are far-fetched. While it’s alright to imagine yourself in that hot bikini or trunks, imagine yourself taking every single step towards that. And that means having to go through each day achieving a goal for that day. For instance, your goal for today is to walk around the neighborhood, or drinking 2.5 liters of water or not eating junk food for today. That’s a great realistic goal, and very effective indeed. You have to put a challenge on your workout as well. If walking around the neighborhood already seems easy to you, put a little more intensity in it by brisk walking and later on jogging. You may even want to add more minutes in it and throw in a set of 5 pound ankle weights for resistance. These are just really simple ways on how to lose tummy fat. Don’t stress yourself into thinking it is hard and impossible, because really, it isn’t. It’s like a good game of chess, it requires planning and a strategy and you can come out victorious every time.

Flat Tummy Exercises


Want to know sure ways to get six pack abs that you have been craving for all year long? The key lies in strengthening your abdominal muscles & losing all your belly fat. But doing just that is not that easy, there is more to it than just working out. In order to get the abs that you see on TV, you need more than just wanting it. You need to have dedication, the time & patience in order to last a solid workout routine that’ll help you reach your goal. To start, you need to lose all the extra fat that has been weighing you down and preventing you from getting to that finish line.


In order to lose belly fat, the first thing you need to do is figure out a diet plan that works with your lifestyle. You need not remove any food category in order to lose those extra pounds. Going back to basics-proportion is the key. Remember: never starve yourself. If you starve yourself, your body’s metabolism will shut down; you’d do more bad than good. Drink plenty of water. It helps replenish all the lost fluids you need after all that exercise, and it prevents you from getting dehydrated. Another good point about water is that it makes you full without eating too much-at least not more than what’s healthy. The next part of how to get six pack abs is to tone & strengthen those abdominal muscles. Having a daily routine of doing crunches, sit-ups, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, sprints, & a healthy dose of cardio would really help tone those muscles. There are more exercises available which you can use alternately to make your routine more exciting, it just all adds up to what you’re more comfortable doing for exercise. Always remember that in order to get six pack abs, you have to work for it; nothing comes out of doing nothing. 

Flat Tummy Exercises

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How to get a flat stomach. That is something that people struggle with year round, but especially as summer approaches, and it is time to show off their sexy beach body. The problem is that most people do not have the flat stomach that they are looking for. Getting Rid of The Myths. There are 2 “quick fixes” that people often try in an attempt to get sexy abs. The first is diet pills. So, what do most diet pills do? Typically, they do one of two things.


1 – They flush out water weight. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. There is a reason for that! Flushing out the water, in turn, will dehydrate you. That will negatively affect your health. Also, it is a very temporary fix.


2 – Diet pills speed up your metabolism. First of all, a pill that speeds up your metabolism is not something that you should be putting in your body. Second, the results are only temporary. As soon as you stop taking the pills, your metabolism slows back down. To make it worse, many people get used to eating more than usual while they are taking diet pills, since they are burning more calories. Once they stop taking them, they often continue to eat more than before, and end up heavier than they were when they started trying to get a flat stomach.


Myth number 2 is that starvation is how to get a flat stomach. A few things happen when you starve yourself. First of all, your body goes into preservation mode. This means that your metabolism slows down, big time, in an attempt to keep you from depleting all of your body’s  nutrients. Next, your immune system suffers. Without the proper nutrients, your body can not defend itself. One more thing  is that, again, the results are only temporary. Eventually, you will need to start eating again. Now you have a slower metabolism, and when you start feeding your body again, it is going to hold on to everything that it can, in case you get crazy and try to starve it again.


beach bodyWhat does work? You need a proper combination of 2 things if you want to know how to get a flat stomach. 1 – Diet. When I say diet, I am not referring to being on a diet. I am referring to you regular daily diet, as in what you eat normally. Without feeding your body the right foods, you will never get the sexy abs that you are going for. This means limiting, or even cutting out; soda, fried foods, sugary foods, foods high in additives and preservatives, and other junk foods. On top of knowing what to stay away from, you should know what to eat, such as whole wheat, fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. 2 – Exercise. You can do crunches all day, but they are not the secret to how to get a flat stomach. The abdominals, much like every other muscle group in the body, are very complex. They need to be worked in different ways to prevent your body from adapting. When you repeatedly work your muscles the same way your bod knows what you are going to done next and adapts to it and your body stops being stimulation and slows down on muscle growth. You have to mix up your exercise program and confuse your body and this when you get the most muscles growth and toning. 

Dance Workout

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Dance Workout is Fun and is a Good Aerobic Exercise Plan


Dance workout by it’s name alone tells you it is a good for getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat. Dance fitness is a new trend that has caught on all around the world and online. Dancing is fun, good for your heart, a solid aerobic exercise plan, and will raise your happy hormones; your serotonin level will rise based on studies conducted on dancing, and it can be raised in a matter of minutes while dancing.


I have included a pretty good little dance video I took while on vacation with my family in Jamaica a few days ago which was a late night beach party dance off and tons of entertainment that night. I was not at the best angle to record the video, but hopefully you get the idea of dancing for exercise. The dancers in this video was doing a lot of hip hop dance movement infused with Jamaican dance moves. You may or may not be able to do some of these dance moves, but in no time at all you could be doing some of these dance movement or similar ones. Cardio dance workout has movements that can be used to get your ab exercises in. Your core will always be involved in such movements that will help to burn away fat around your belly area. The fun thing about workout is that it can be any type of workout out as long as it get your heart rate up which helps to speed up your metabolism and burns fat; for example, you can do workouts for a week such as:


Day 1 – biking 30 minutes


Day 2 – running 45 minutes


Day 3 – treadmill and resistance training 45 minutes


Day 4 – walking in the mall for 1 hour.


Day 5 – dancing and resistance training 45 minutes



Those are all examples of different exercises that will all help you to be healthy and give you the body, mind and soul you desire.  The key to staying in shape and looking good is making exercise a part of your daily routine. Remember, if you do anything regularly you will become quite good at it in little time. You aerobic exercise could be hip hop dance moves, playing with your kids, a leisurely walk, or working in your yard; gardening. Most of these exercises will have some affect on your stomach and give you some degree of ab exercises. Please feel free to share this video if you like it, and stop by for regular workout tips and plans.