Lessons From Running, How Running Became Therapy for This Non-Runner

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Running for therapy is truly therapy. You’ve heard it before but it’s true. Running has taught me more about life and myself than any other thing I’ve ever undertaken. First of all, let me say that I never considered myself a runner. As a matter of fact, I used to qualify myself as a ‘hate running’ type person.

Here are a few misconceptions I had about running before I started doing it seriously: It has always seemed to me like an elitist sport. People who ran were lean and strong. I’ve always associated running with people who were fit, strong and overall healthy. Years later I decided to lose some weight after some time away from the gym and I turned to running. I didn’t own a bike and the pool and fitness centers were miles away. Plus, I didn’t feel like I wanted to pay for extra equipment or memberships. So I began running. Again.

For some reason, this time I caught the bug. It wasn’t until years later, when I again felt the need to lose weight and bump up my almost non-existent exercise routine that I started working out again especially running again. Actually the running part, it started with simply walking. I was motivated to get up early and walk every morning. Soon, that wasn’t enough for me and I’d start jogging a few hundred meters at a time. I’d think, just to the next lamppost or that tree up there. Then I’d walk again. Then up and off I was again building my momentum.

Finally, months later I was up to mainly running. It felt great! This died off some as I got into my new start-up business. One day I had a bit of a breakthrough. I had an argument with my wife who was at work. I worked from the home and I was so angry at the end of that conversation that I was ready to start throwing things but gym equipment by working out even harder including walking. For some reason, I decided to go for a walk and “burn off steam”. When I finished my 45 minute walk, I felt not only much calmer I couldn’t remember why I had been so angry with my wife. It was a light bulb moment because if walking could do that for me, then imagine what running regularly could do for my stress. And that is when the running saved me.

If I ever got really upset and take it outside to walk or run and even do other exercises too. Everyday, I would burn off my stress by taking it outside and start running. I found that running calmed my runaway thoughts. Then it started helping me to think better. Once I got the emotion out, I had room for more rational thoughts. Things didn’t look as scary after a run. Thoughts that would have me waking up drenched in sweat at 3 am wouldn’t seem so bad to me. I had better answers after my runs. Running did save my business (it cleared my mind up), and it saved me from going over the edge.

In the end, it was my business and exercise that really kept me grounded and sane when stress snuck in. I came out of it a slight marathoner and a runner (and still alive). I learned that running helped balance me. I’m a high energy person. I need running to burn off that extra energy that when I’m not in a good place gets turned into frustration and not being myself. Things that used to upset me before I became a runner couldn’t upset me once I was running regularly. It was like why waste the energy on that. I’ve got more important things to do like go run to stay healthy!

Exercising For A Healthy You

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An Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!


Are you drowned up to the neck with luxuries and means of relaxation to the extent that ‘Lazybones’ has become your second name? You need to be shaken up and brought to terms with the real picture. Not a pleasant one at all, you must wake up to the scene of aging with grace, rather than aging with obesity, diabetes, gastric problems, breathing problems, chest pain, depression, low self-esteem, constipation, joint pains, blood pressure issues, osteoporosis… the list is almost endless! None of those things mentioned will lead to a healthy you.


Running away from exercising is no solution, as it is eventually a harmful choice to your own well being in the long run. Instead explore what exercises you can do to keep healthy. And to your sheer surprise, there are so many simple activities you can do that can amount to exercising! To begin with, walking down to the neighborhood grocery store and giving up the remote control to change between favorite TV channels can be a good bit of exercises! No kidding. These may just be the curtain raiser to pitch you into a better daily routine comprising of more physical activities than you normally engage in. Exercising is always a relative and subjective matter. It is not about torturing your body with rigorous and lengthy sessions of push-ups or weight lifting from day one. Not at all!

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Exercising is all about feeling better about you – better self-esteem, better emotional health, and better physical fitness – by way of any physical activity, from sports to simple walking down the road that can catch your body and mind at work. And it should always be a slow and steady process to a disciplined routine, to suit your comfort (interest) zone and within your constraints in terms of time, budget and stamina. Though ideally speaking, regular exercise means vigorous exercise at least three times a week so that you breathe and sweat hard for at least 20 minutes each time, it must never be overtiring as well as it should always be preceded by warm up and cool down exercises for about five minutes.


You can use a simple talk-sing test to see whether you are exercising at an accurate pace. If you can talk while you are exercising, the pace is ideal. If you can sing during exercise, you need to quicken up, and if you can neither talk nor sing during exercise, chances are that you are exercising too fast or too hard. You may need to slow down a bit especially if you are not in the ideal health at the moment. Easy test, isn’t it?


I mention this again because it is very important, it is advisable to cool down for five to ten minutes after an exercise routine, just like warming up. You must drink ample water during and after exercising, and try to avoid exercising two to three hours before bedtime if possible. If you are suffering from any kind of severe pain or breathing problem or any other health problem, you must consult your doctor before beginning with any exercise routine/program. If you are not a member of a fitness club and can afford to become one, then you should seriously consider joining. You don’t necessarily need to have a gym membership to get healthy, however being in that kind of environment can often motivate a person to improve in their healthy lifestyle quest. Going to the gym and constantly seeing attractive physiques can be a great motivator when it comes to having a nice body, and in no time you are the one with the nice too; but you must exercise regularly to keep fit!  Remember this, what you desire can often become reality with hard work and persistence. If you want to get healthy bad enough and do what it takes to get it, then it can be yours. It comes down to how badly do you want whatever it is that you want, in reality a healthy lifestyle can be yours.

Are Home Workouts the Right Way For You to Workout?


Are Your a Candidate for A Home Workout Set Up Or Not?



Exercise has been shown to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other diseases; because of this working out is important to your overall health. Many times people choose to get their exercise by working out at home, but is it right for you? The first thing you should think about is your personality. There are many people who find that working out with weights or on a treadmill at home works great for them. But some people get lonely and can’t stay motivated. In that case, it is better to go a gym or take a class. The reason for this is working out at home is not for everyone. To workout at home requires someone to be focused, creative and a natural self motivator. In other words, if you get distracted easily and find yourself getting bored quickly, then working out elsewhere such as a gym might be your best option. What will work best for you depends on whether or not you prefer to be around a lot of people or if you prefer solitude while you are exercising. If you are crunched for time and prefer solitude, then working out at home is probably where you want to be.


The next thing that you should do is figure out what kind of exercise you actually enjoy doing. I have found that I love to lift weights. In my opinion nothing will get you in shape faster than including resistance training in your workout. Resistance training will work you harder, build more lean body mass which will increase your metabolism and energy level; all of these things will lead you to your ideal body that much faster. So I use a weight bench and adjustable dumbbells to exercise with. Sometimes people also find that working out at home works better for them when they are doing something like the Wii Fit or Dance, dance revolution. These types of electronics will get you moving and give you motivation at the same time. The key here is to avoid being bored and staying motivated in a way which works best for you. Try some of these exercises.

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Finally, you should consider when you are going to do your exercise. Most exercise programs work best when you have a set time and day to work on them. It is much easier to stick to it that way. Let us face it, we are creatures of habit. Habits feels normal and natural and so it’s a lot easier to do them than something that feels foreign to us, as long as we do not become bored with our workouts. A habit can be formed in about 3 weeks based on studies conducted. Test the notion, do anything repeatedly for 3 weeks whether it’s taking a walk after work every evening at 7pm for 30 minutes, waking up every morning at 6am to eat breakfast, or reading to your children nightly at 9pm before putting them to bed and see if after a while doing any one of these activities won’t feel completely normal to do; and if you end up not doing one of your daily activities for a few days tell me that will not suddenly have your feeling like you have not done all that you should have done for the day. And you should feel that way, because you suddenly changed a normal habit that you have been doing for some time now. Is getting your exercise in at home the right thing for you?home gym It very well could be you have to decide based on you as person. Just make sure that you do some kind of exercise that you enjoy and that you set a specific time to work out. So before you load up and buy a lot of workout equipment for your home base gym, add a few pieces of workout equipment at a time and see how working out at home feels for a few weeks or months at first. Do so before jumping in and buying too much equipment that will eventually gather dust in the corner of a room. Take it a step at a time and ease into working out at home to see if it is for you, or if the gym would more likely work better for you. If you are new to working out, or have been out of the exercise realm for a while, here is a good book to get back into exercising.  Now go get your workout in!

Successful Muscle Building Habits While Burning Fat

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Fat Burning Muscle Building tips


There is no shortcut for success, so if you are serious about your muscle building and fat burning goals follow along. You will need to develop habits that can help you reach your goals. Having the right muscle building habits can lead to the fat loss that you want and help you build the muscles that you also want. It is very important that you are focus on your goals if you want to be successful at fat burning and muscle building.


Here are a few habits that will help you accomplish the physical fitness that many covet. To start with, you have to be persuaded. You need to give yourself a purpose behind needing to go to the gym. Some people search for reasons not to go to the gym for a good workout when it is simply one of the best ways to get in shape. That kind of thought process can prompt those individual to not set off to the gym which can hinder any health goals. Furthermore, the most ideal approach to persuade yourself to workout is concentrate on it 100% and think of the end results.


Accomplishing your workout objectives can help you feel awesome about what you are doing and push you into accomplishing far more than you ever expected. It can have compounding results. You have to workout and include some resistance training to make your body lean and strong. You can’t get lean and strong sitting on the couch every evening nor by hitting up the bar every weekend; you can’t maintain a nice for long with those habits, these habits will catch up to you. You must have some kind of discipline to get into shape. Doing a little bit of workout can have a lot of benefits, so you don’t necessarily have to workout too hard at first because you can burn out if you can’t maintain a steady workout pace over time.


If you are new to fitness once you are really comfortable with working out, then you will figure out what works for your body based on how you feel after your workouts. Workout at your own pace and know that recovering within 48 hours of your workout is considered ideal.This is where you feel like your muscles have healed and you are ready to go at it again in the gym. If your muscle recovery is taking longer than 48 hours you might consider slowing down a bit with your exercise program. Similarly, if you are not getting any kind of muscle soreness or fatigue after your workouts you might need to pick up the pace a bit to get better results faster. That is your decision though, and this should be based on your exercise goal. Your muscles can also be sore for a long period of time because of a lack of rest and proper nutrition. By knowing your body you will be able to tell precisely what is wrong with you after your workouts, or what your body needs if anything.



restTo be effective in fitness, rest is fundamental. Rest is required by the muscles to repair and develop. Not permitting your muscles time to recover is one of the greatest oversight of wanting to increase lean muscles, as this will diminish your ability to grow muscles. Workout well but listen to your body for clues. Your body will let you know when something is wrong, you will feel it. 


Another vital muscle building habits that you ought to observe is eating the perfect sum and the right kind of nourishment. You have to concentrate on eating common, sound sustenance, for example, fish, chicken, egg, whole meal bread/rice/pasta. Additionally you need to consume the perfect measure of protein; 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is often recommended.For example, if you weigh 210 pounds and are looking to build up or maintain your muscles, you will need to eat around 210 grams of protein, or fairly close to that amount of protein daily to succeed. What’s more, above all, you must be reliable in your workout schedule. Try not to waste time contemplating whether to go or not to go to the gym; simply go! When you are in the gym, put the majority of your energy into your objectives. You need to take action to succeed in your fitness goals.


Pilates For Slimming

Welcome to Pilates Boot camp.  Today, we have some special equipment: We have your fitness ball or your Swiss ball.  Go ahead and grab that and get ready for your Bombastic Booty Workout on the Ball.  Alright? Here we go. Alright, so what I want you to do is go ahead and put your belly button on top of that ball. Hands in front of you.  Now lift up your legs.  Keep those heels together.  Slight bend in the elbow.  And simply lift up and come right back down.  This is actually a pretty fun exercise. So I want you to lift and lower.  Lift and lower.  There’s gonna be some arm strength involved in this exercise.  But the key thing here is: I want you to keep those heels together because by doing that you’re also working the back of your thighs or the hamstrings. Good.  So lift, exhale.  Inhale, down.  Lift.  Have fun with that bounce.  It’s also a really nice stomach massage.  Lift and lower.  Reach and lower.  Good.  And the more you do this the higher you go, the more you’re gonna feel that low back, feel those hamstrings, and get a little bit of that stomach massage, like I said.  Lift and lower.  Keep going — 5and 4.  Little bit higher, come on.



All the way — you’re not gonna flip over.  And a couple more.  And last one.  Up and hold it right there.  Okay guys, I want you to bend down, bend your elbows.  Now, legs out, legs in.  Legs out and in.  Really squeezing your glutes.  Really pointing that whole leg.  Beautiful work.  Feel those hamstrings? I totally feel them.  And you know what? You gotta work the hamstrings if you wanna get that nice, lifted booty well.  You gotta get that whole lower body.  Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.  Come down a little bit lower.  Good, use those triceps, use that chest.  Keep tapping, tap, tap.  Give me 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  And roll out.  Very nice.  Okay, now let’s get the sides.  Let’s get that saddlebag area.  I want you to go ahead and just lean right on top of the ball, like so, and keep your knee on the mat.  The other leg fully extended. And all you’re gonna do is lift up and lower — that’s it.  You’re gonna feel that whole outer thigh.  You wanna keep your hips square to that screen in front of you.  Keep your chest square to me with those eyes forward.  And just lift up as high as you can, hold, and come back down.  Lift up and down.  Good work.  Bellybutton in nice and tight, lovely. Lift and lower.  Up and down.  Reach, exhaling every time you come up.  Beautiful work, guys. You feel that? I totally feel this.  But you know what? You’re gonna feel even more right now — I want you to hold.  And guess what? We’re gonna pulse.  So, pulse up, up, up.  Andthat is when you feel the burn.



If you didn’t feel it already, I know you’re feeling it right now because I’m feeling it right now.  Keep going up, up, up.  Lift, lift.  Very good. Keep pointing that leg.  Come on, don’t let it get lower.  Uh, uh, uh.  Feel that side glute? I totally feel it.  You know, relax that upper body, put all the energy into your lower body. You’ve got this.  You’ve got it.  Go ahead and give me 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Hold it.  Hold it, hold it, hold it.  And bring it down.  That was crazy good.  Nice booty pat. Now go on to the other side, we gotta even it out.  And just find your balance.  Lean on top of it and extend that leg all the way out.  Now we’re going to lift and lower.  Up and down.  Keeping your hips square, your chest square, and your bellybutton all the way sucked in.  Beautiful, perfect Pilates posture.  Nice work.  The ball is nice and cushiony.  Just rest there, but put all that work into your lower body.  Up and down, keeping the toes pointed.  Letting that energy emanate all the through the tips of your toes.  Good stuff. And you are feeling that side heat — you’re feeling that outer thigh.  You’re feeling the inner thigh, and you’re feeling that glute on the bottom because we just worked it.  Good. Lift and lower.  Up and down.  Don’t even think about stopping.  We’re not even close to those pulses, yet.  Come on.  Keeping that leg as straight as you can.  Aren’t these amazing? You can do these anywhere.  Okay, a few more now.  Give me 3 and 2.  Last one — 1, hold. It’s pulse time.  Lift up, up.  Oh my goodness, that burns.  Woo, that’s crazy.  Okay, keep going.  Up, up.  Higher, higher.  Come on.  Don’t let that leg get lower.  Keep it up there, keep it up there.  You got this.  Press, press, it’s all worth it.  Okay, do these 10 with me.  Here we go — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 — come on — 3, 2, 1.  Hold it and bring it down. Oh my goodness, that was insane.  Give that a nice booty pat.  Okay, finally, we’re going to come on to our backs, work our hamstrings a little bit, and you’ll be done.  So, I want you to place your legs right on top, your heels right on top of that ball.  Resting your chest down, resting your shoulder blades into the mat.  Resting your hands by your sides. Now, go ahead and reach all the way out.  Beginners, you can keep more of your leg on top of the ball.  If you’re advanced, I want you to press out onto your heels, okay? Flexing your feet and keeping your bum up, I want you to bring the heels into the booty and then bring it all the way out, keeping your bum up the whole time, okay? So no sagging here.  If you want it lifted, no sag.  In and out.  And in and out.  There it is.  You’re gonna start feeling your hamstrings — oh, yes, you will.


Remember, when you work the hamstrings, you helping to get rid of that cellulite and making the back of your thighs look really nice and firm. And also, it helps build that nice lifted booty look.  Keep going.  Bring it in and out. Come on, stay high, guys.  Stay high.  You got this.  Press it in, exhale, reach.  Keeping the feet flexed here.  Good job now.  In and out.  And in and out.  Now hold it right there, reposition yourself, I want you to tap that booty to the floor and lift it up.  Tap and up, lower and lift.  Here, the toes are pointed.  Down and up.  Down and up.  Very good.  Keep going.  Squeezing that bellybutton into your spine.  Nice, long reverse plank.  Pointing the toes, give me 10 and 9 and 8 and 7 — you’re so close — 6.  Come on — 5, 4, 3, 2, last one — 1.  Hold, bring it in once just cause.  Lift it really high, bring it out and slowly lower with control.  Okay, both legs on side of the ball right here.  Hands behind, inhale. And exhale, roll it up.  And sitting tall.  And that’s it, guys.  That was your Bombastic Booty Workout on the Ball.  Let me know in the comments below which one of those was your favorite move, and I’ll see you next week on Pilates Boot camp for Live strong Woman. Be sure you subscribe.  And I love you so much.  Keep working hard.