Your Exercise Routine Compared To Water

water and exercise

Think about it, your fitness and water can have a lot in commom. Your physical fitness program or routine can be compared to water. Water can be looked at as either a positive or negative thing. It depends. It can be positive if it is used to enrich and sustain your body. It can be negative if it is overly consumed which can lead to water poisoning and can result an illness or even death.Well that sounds scarry, Right?You can read some best water softeners reviews and will pretty comfortable to drink any water.

More relevantly to your physical fitness program or routine, water can be either stagnant or dynamic (growing). How is your physical fitness routine? Is it stagnant or is it dynamic? Stagnant water may seem harmless. But, in time, it can be a breeding place of mosquitoes and other pests. This is something that we do not want to occur. With these pests may come pestilence or disease that is harmful and even dangerous to our health and well-being. All of this can occur because we allow water to stagnate.

How is our health and fitness routine? How are our exercises? Are we continuing to learn new and better ways of doing exercises? Technology is defined as a better way of doing something. Most people look at technology that pertains to computers. But, that is only a part of it. If you find a better way of getting results for your fitness routine, you have made some technological advances. Technology does not mean to keep changing because something is new. There are some technological advances in exercise that has been around for awhile (but is not as practiced as much). One of these is the use of weights and other anaerobic means to achieve optimal fitness levels.

Dynamic and progressive water flow enriches plants and animal life. It is growing and becoming something even better. The Dead Sea has no incoming outlets. It is a huge pool of stagnant water. Nothing productive or enriching grows around it. The Jordan River is flowing with many outlets going in and out of it. It is a source of water for many communities, plant life, and animal life around it.

Is your physical fitness level dynamic and growing? Are you doing the same exercise movements that do not get any results over and over again? How do you get yourself to be dynamic and progressive in your exercise routine (without becoming someone who changes into something new and different without any concrete reason)? By becoming a student of physical fitness you will become knowledgeable on what you should and should not do? You will then learn that your body needs resistance training (aka weight training) in order to develop lean muscle mass.

Taking care of your body can give you the healthy lifestyle so many countless people yearn for. It is a choice, and once you get motivated enough and decide to make that change to get physically fit you will begin to live the life you were really mean to live. Thinks of all the health benefits and of being in shape, not to mention how it make you feel; just that alone should be enough get you started today. What are you waiting for?

Workout Routines for Women – Tips And Advice

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Get To Your Ideal Body Sooner Than Later

Women usually do not require any kind of special workout routines which are considerably different than those intended for men. Women can easily workout the same muscles and perform comparable cardiovascular exercises and still see success. I’ll go over some ot the workout routines for women and other tips.

What divides women from men in the world of workouts are their workout goals. Whilst men generally wish to achieve muscular mass, women often wish to burn off fat as well as lose weight, and also gain some toning of their muscles.

You may have most likely seen in your gym or any place else you workout that women often avoid strength training. You will notice women forever exercising on treadmill machines or on exercise bikes, but only rarely would you see them weight lifting. This is because they will believe that they are going to end up bulking up should they lift weights. This is a total fairy tale, and because of this, many women are in fact passing up on an essential element of every weight loss routine, and this is a tip for workout routines for women that is real.

Women normally do not obtain that much muscle mass; they’re simply built this way due to their reduced testosterone quantities. Even when carried out only two or three times per week, weight training may have a substantial effect on your weight, in a great way of course, without you needing to reduce your womanly form; follow this tip for workout routines for women.

Muscle groups burn more calories than fats do, therefore it’s beneficial to have well-toned muscle groups. So that you can actually develop muscle, you need to have a day of rest between workout sessions.

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To obtain optimum benefits, you can try to workout a number of muscle groups simultaneously. This enables you to use-up more calories whilst preserving considerable time. But if you wish, you are able to pinpoint the regions of your body that you’d wish to improve. Keep in mind that before you start any kind of weight training exercise, you should get yourself warmed up first.

You can try aerobic exercises for example running or riding a bike, as well as stretching the muscle groups you will end up making use of for your strength training. Folding exercise bikes when you’re short on space are life savers. Don’t overlook to cool following exercising, as well.

Many women that are health and fitness enthusiasts are already acquainted with cardio exercise. Aerobic exercises, as the name suggests, help to strengthen your heart and lungs. Due to this, your body should be able to consume and disperse oxygen to your other body parts more effectively. Additionally, it may also help to burn away lots of calories. Quantitatively, however, research has shown that cardiovascular burns much more calories during exercising, but weight training actually uses up much more over time, because muscle groups continue to burn off calories even after you’re finished exercising; this is one of the biggest benefit of weight training, it keeps burning calories hours after you’ve worked out with resistance training.

So, should you actually want to lose those extra few pounds of body fat, you need to certainly include strength training in your workout routines for woman. Again, you will not become nearly as muscular as any man is capable of becoming. What are you waiting for, just get started!

Weight Training for Women Over 50 – Recovering From an Injury

No matter what your age, you can hurt yourself when you’re training with weights. You might have been too aggressive moving up weights, failed to allow enough recovery time, or used improper form. Injury is usually a setback, but only a temporary one. It does seem to take a while longer to recover than even a few years ago. But I have a long-term goal – living independently until it’s time to leave this earth. That means the physical me needs to be flexible with a sense of balance, good posture, muscle strength, and aerobic capacity. There will be no shuffling down the smelly hallways of a pathetic nursing home.

Weight Lifting for Women Over 50 My long-term goal is the major reason I decided to resume weight lifting after 50. I started with the workouts in The New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROL4W). Then I switched to The New Rules of Lifting for Life (NROL4L). Both books are by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove. Injuries There were a few minor injuries when I was using NROL4W, especially in the beginning. I do not have an ACL in my left knee, so I needed to back off some of the leg exercises, especially the step ups. That correction allowed me to finish the entire set of workouts in NROL4W. Then I started NROL4L. Although the workouts can be tough, I managed to get through the first beginner phase.

I took a week off and started the second stage. Halfway through my back started hurting between workouts. That is a good indication that I was not using the proper form. The exercises causing the problem – Romanian dead lifts and 2-point rows. For some unknown reason I continued to increase weights on the Romanian deadlift. In this exercise any deviation from good form can cause an injury. On the last rep of a 3-set, 10 rep dead lift, I felt that back twinge that prevents you from straightening up. Out of Commission for Two Weeks The “twinge” turned into a massive lower backache for about 5 days. With rest and time in the hot tub, the backache morphed into stiffness. I decided to test the workout routine. After the first two warm up exercises, I knew I was not going to continue. The risk was another week of pain. That’s enough to make you stop. I jumped onto a stationary bike to do some interval training instead of the usual workout.

Finally, after 2 weeks, I finished an abbreviated (2 sets of weight exercises versus 3 sets) but complete workout – warm ups, core exercises, step ups with weights, push ups front squat, lat pulldown, metabolic exercise (interval), and cool down. Lessons Learned Using the proper form is key, I actually got one of the Custom Weight Belts in order to have good form when doing squats. If you go to a club, get a personal trainer to check your exercise form. Lifting heavier weights can cause you to compromise form. If you are on your own, visit for experts using good form. Allow sufficient time for recovery between workouts. I need two full days of recovery. Pay attention to the warning signs. Pain during lifting is a sure sign you injured yourself. Ignore the trainers who say you should “work through the pain.” That’s a dumb idea. Allow yourself time to heal when you injure yourself. When you and your doctor think you’re ready, try a simple set of warm up exercises. If you feel pain during the warm ups, stop and try again in a few days

5 Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism Quickly





Metabolism is a term for the chemical process in the body that converts air, food and other materials to substances that the body needs to function. There are individual differences, but in the whole metabolism is the same for all of us. Low combustion is rarely a medical cause and rather more often a result of that which we eat more than we burn through our daily activity level. Genetics play a role but lifestyle can also adjust for genetic differences. Are you one of those people who need to gain some momentum on the metabolism tips below can get your body into high gear!



Tips 1. The diet is crucial
Diet and exercise provides an optimal result. However, it is crucial that your energy intake matches your activity level. Both too much and too little energy will turn out negatively on your performance and your energy. It is still recommended to eat somewhere around every 3 hours throughout the day, but studies also show that it is the total intake of energy every day which is the most crucial.


Whatever you may want to shock your body with changed diet habits. If you eat a lot for dinner late in the evening you can test how much better it is to eat a hearty lunch with dessert instead. Your body adapts to both exercise and diet changes that will get your body to mobilize itself well. Your eating should consist of the purest and most unprocessed food. They are sources of abundant food, lots of vegetables and spices still available in the modern world which has a cleansing effect on the gastrointestinal system.


Also be sure to get the right replenishment after exercise. If you exercise frequently, many hours each week, and eat low to moderate amounts of carbohydrates you are the right track for rapid weight loss. Choose fast carbohydrates in addition to complex carbohydrates. Besides, you should consume proteins such as lean meats, fish, dairy products and eggs to speed up your metabolism. Consume plenty of water before, during and after exercise – liquid is the most important prerequisite for getting the most out of the nutrients you eat.


Some food seem to affect metabolism. Some food affect metabolism such as celery, coriander, fennel, cumin, ginger, turmeric and black pepper supports all digestion and the body’s secretion organs. A diet rich in proteins has been shown to have a beneficial effect for fat burning. A high protein diet helps in the muscle building block, but proteins are energy intensive to convert the body and the thermogenic effect can be 25-30% higher than the reaction of other nutrients.


strength training

Tip 2. Begin endurance training
A well trained person will burn calories to far greater degree than a poor or untrained person. It is related to the increased oxygen uptake. Untrained consumer increasingly burn carbohydrates as an energy source, but with someone in better shape the increased oxygen uptake will destroys the body’s  fat deposits more easily. If you do endurance training you should also add workout in the afternoon until early evening if possible. This will have a compounding effect on your weight loss efforts leading to more calories burned and a faster metabolism quicker. 


Tip 3. Make use of interval training
If you are unable to practice long sessions of endurance training or resistance training you should aim get some short and intensive interval sessions. It turns out that the high-intensity interval training is best for shocking your system into burning calories faster and just starting your metabolism so it can be sped up. You can use running, cycling in heavy and light intervals. Tabata principle with 20 second intensive training and 10 seconds of rest over a 5 minute period is a training interval turns out to increase fat burning.


Tip 4. Strength training for increased muscle mass
Increased muscle mass increases metabolism and here it is recommended for you to train the larger base exercises for best effect. For example, your legs, buttock and back. If you are a beginner then get a simple but effective resistance training exercise program and on a diet where you can put on a whole 5-7 pounds of lean muscle mass during the 1st 8 weeks. This increases resting metabolism significantly and lasting lifestyle change of this nature with a persistently high and adequate protein intake can actually increase your resting metabolism, even after a weight reduction with lower fat percentage. In this case you are trading fat for muscles, becoming leaner, and speeding up your metabolism. 


Tip 5. Get enough sleep
Sleep deprivation increases levels of cortisol and epinephrine which lowers metabolism. Little sleep perceived stress and promotes the storage of fat reserves. Plan your days and find factors that contribute to stress and lack of sleep and eliminate them. You should be able to boost your metabolism and improve your health is a healthy and customized way through diet and enough sleep. These factors are essential. 


Follow these tips and you will see the thinner and leaner you emerging gradually. Train for leanness, eat enough of the right foods and sleep like a baby!



Flat Stomach Exercises

Flat Stomach Exercises