Your Exercise Routine Compared To Water

water and exercise

Think about it, your fitness and water can have a lot in commom. Your physical fitness program or routine can be compared to water. Water can be looked at as either a positive or negative thing. It depends. It can be positive if it is used to enrich and sustain your body. It can be negative if it is overly consumed which can lead to water poisoning and can result an illness or even death.Well that sounds scarry, Right?You can read some best water softeners reviews and will pretty comfortable to drink any water.

More relevantly to your physical fitness program or routine, water can be either stagnant or dynamic (growing). How is your physical fitness routine? Is it stagnant or is it dynamic? Stagnant water may seem harmless. But, in time, it can be a breeding place of mosquitoes and other pests. This is something that we do not want to occur. With these pests may come pestilence or disease that is harmful and even dangerous to our health and well-being. All of this can occur because we allow water to stagnate.

How is our health and fitness routine? How are our exercises? Are we continuing to learn new and better ways of doing exercises? Technology is defined as a better way of doing something. Most people look at technology that pertains to computers. But, that is only a part of it. If you find a better way of getting results for your fitness routine, you have made some technological advances. Technology does not mean to keep changing because something is new. There are some technological advances in exercise that has been around for awhile (but is not as practiced as much). One of these is the use of weights and other anaerobic means to achieve optimal fitness levels.

Dynamic and progressive water flow enriches plants and animal life. It is growing and becoming something even better. The Dead Sea has no incoming outlets. It is a huge pool of stagnant water. Nothing productive or enriching grows around it. The Jordan River is flowing with many outlets going in and out of it. It is a source of water for many communities, plant life, and animal life around it.

Is your physical fitness level dynamic and growing? Are you doing the same exercise movements that do not get any results over and over again? How do you get yourself to be dynamic and progressive in your exercise routine (without becoming someone who changes into something new and different without any concrete reason)? By becoming a student of physical fitness you will become knowledgeable on what you should and should not do? You will then learn that your body needs resistance training (aka weight training) in order to develop lean muscle mass.

Taking care of your body can give you the healthy lifestyle so many countless people yearn for. It is a choice, and once you get motivated enough and decide to make that change to get physically fit you will begin to live the life you were really mean to live. Thinks of all the health benefits and of being in shape, not to mention how it make you feel; just that alone should be enough get you started today. What are you waiting for?

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