Review Your Exercises to Lose Weight

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It is Super Important to Get Going In Your Workout Routine


It is common knowledge that in order to safely lose weight and be physically fit you will need to alter your diet and exercise. Now, diet is what you eat and drink. In most cases, you would need to eat and drink less. For exercise, it is important that you start to exercise. Though it is not necessary to exercise more at first, the key is to start. In the long run, it is more important for you to have quality exercises and not just pure quantity of exercises. Most people will take on the common attitude of exercising harder- rather than smarter. That persistent intense attitude is great but build up to exercising gradually. Also, it needs to be channeled in such a way that your body is properly recovering after your workouts so that you avoid injuries, and you are ready to workout again soon after.


Muscle recovery is extremely important; this includes taking care of your muscles, your joints, your neurological system, rest, proper nutrition and other aspects that leads to good body recovery. So, in regards to exercise, you should focus on the quality of the exercise rather than the quantity in order to lose weight and increase your physical fitness level. For your exercises in order to lose weight, it is essential that you start. You can never be in the race unless you get pass the starting line.


It is important that you have regular medical check-ups to ensure that you are in proper health to get started in any physical fitness program. For some people, to start in their exercise program means to walk about 30 minutes. If you are in good physical health, you will need to elevate your exercise program than just walking once you have been at it for a little while. When I say elevate your physical fitness exercises, many people will have the misconception that they need to exercise longer. That may be the case in some instances but to elevate your physical fitness exercises means to have better quality exercises and eventually add more work load to your workout program.


Your exercise routine should include speed intervals, body weight exercises, stretches, joint care, yoga-type movements, and other routines. Speed interval type of training is varying your speed and intensity for a shorter duration. You can apply that principle in different cardio workout equipment, or even in your walks. Body weight exercises and free weight exercises (barbells and dumb bells) are great to develop lean muscle mass, balance and stability, anaerobic fitness, etc. It may seem overwhelming for a beginner to think what to do to elevate your types of exercises.


The key point to remember is to think of this as a process not a single event. You want to continually learn how to upgrade your fitness level to lose weight and be physically fit. Another point to remember is about thinking more than just functional fitness but think tactical fitness. This may be a bit advanced but it will make sense more when you get more knowledgeable in your physical fitness exercises.


After working out for a while your body will speak to you in ways you never imagined. You might have experienced this before without even realizing it. For example, just in your daily nutritional habits your body might tell you need to eat more meat, more green vegetables, or chocolate. When your body is deficient in something it will give you clue, like you may have been on a low meat/protein diet and your body feels weak and you crave a good steak; you consume the steak and suddenly you feel strong and now filled with energy because your body was lacking protein which gave you that feeling of being weak and tired. The same thing will happen when you are under or over exercising, you will get clues from your body. Always listen to your body because it often gives good clues.


The key is to begin exercising and you will gradually progress, and get better and better at it. Your workouts will become more challenging over time, and feel more rewarding all at the same time. Just start, and if you stick with it you will be so glad that you did.

Varying Your Workout Routines To Build Muscle Faster

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Muscles Training Tips to Bulk Up Faster


Varying your workout routines to build muscle faster is a good strategy to follow. Don’t just keep doing the same old workout and keep wondering why your training has plateaued. The key is adding in different exercises and changing up the order that you do them in during your workout. The same exercises in the same order day after day will only get you so far. Mix it up and get the results that you are after faster and build muscle faster.


Your muscles will grow faster if you change up your routine. If you only did one type of exercise all the time you’ll probably get pretty strong at it. Let’s say that you only did the bench press for your chest. You could get very strong at that movement and build up some muscle mass in that part of your chest where the muscles are flexing to a certain extent. But is doing just that move going to maximize the amount of muscle that you can build? Wouldn’t it be smarter to do other exercises like incline bench press, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flyes push-ups? Absolutely it is.

Adding various other exercises in will make your muscles work in different ways and make them grow faster. So how many exercises should you do during your workout routine? I think that if you do two (or at the most three) exercises per body part per workout you will have enough variety.


So if on the first day you work on your chest, triceps and shoulders you will do anywhere from six to nine exercises total. Some exercises (compound movements like dead lifts and overhead squats) work multiple muscle groups at the same time. So you will probably do less exercises when including those.

For isolation exercises (like curls, tricept extension and calf raises) you will probably do three different variations of essentially the same movement working the same muscle. Don’t work the same muscle group on consecutive days either. If you worked your chest, triceps and shoulders on day one, work your legs, back and abs the next day. Or have a skip day in between that. Then work the opposite muscles groups the next workout (so hit your back and biceps here).


Keep the exercises the same for no more than 4 weeks then mix in some new moves to challenge your muscles in a new way. Remember Proper Nutrition And To Eat Enough Food. Don’t do all those workout routine to build muscle for nothing. You have to have the proper nutrition and make sure that you get enough calories if your body is going to convert all that work into muscle.


Cutting out the junk food and sugar will go a long way. Get plenty of protein and make sure you get plenty of rest too. Consume a fairly balance diet and don’t forget to takin in a lot of water.  Most of all have fun training, listen to your body and be safe.

Workout Routines For Toning Your Body Fast


Follow These Tips To Jump Start Your Fitness Goal



Being a busy man or women gives you very little time to take care of your own body in today’s society. A high percentage of our modern population have let themselves get out of shape simply because they don’t have enough time to eat healthy meals or workout, much less time to achieve their fitness goal by setting up effective workout routines.


If you want to get your sexy toned body back, but don’t have the motivation or drive to achieve it, you’re not alone. For most of us after a long day at work we are dragging home to try to fix a meal for our family. However, getting back in shape is essential for your health and for your family. Unfortunately, there really is no easy way of going about it, fad diets, and weight loss pills simply don’t work and are not at all healthy for your body.

The best and healthy way of doing things is to eat five healthy meals a day and exercise at least three days a week; do 2 of your workouts on the weekend if you have a more difficult time working out during the week.


Start out with 15 minute full body workouts that you perform right at home. Here’s how to get fit at home? Use workout routines for toning your body. They are fast paced and very effective for getting a sexy toned body and it minimizes the boredom because you have little time for rest in between sets.

The perfect toning plan consist of weight lifting, which is a high impact form of exercise. Resistance training which, contrary to popular belief, does not develop big bulky muscles but leans your body out quickly. Unless your goal is to develop that kind of body, even then a women cannot get that muscular unless she is taking drugs like steroids; which is not recommended for long term healthy living.


Weight training will tone your muscles, that may have sagged due to inactivity or weight gained over the years. Toned muscles not only give you that sexy, shapely body, they will also increase your metabolism which will help you to burn more calories and fat many hours after your exercise session has ended.


Working out alone will not get you toned. You must follow the right eating plan to take it to the next level. Diet is another important factor that affects your body to a large extent. Your food intake determines whether you lose weight or gain weight. Therefore, you should follow a diet plan to match your exercise routine.


Your diet should compliment both your lifestyle and workout routine. A balanced diet is essential for staying or getting in good physical shape. Your diet should include plenty of lean proteins and healthy carbohydrates and essential fats that have omega 3 to keep your energy levels high.


Resistance training without proper dieting can only take you so far; likewise, dieting without regular exercise can only take you so far. Both dieting and exercise is your best solution which will take you to the next level and give you the body you have always wanted; but it’s both a deliberate and a gradual repetitive process that leads to your health success.


Weight training and following a balanced diet are only two of the basic steps in the process of achieving overall fitness and vigor. Action Exercises Here are three things you can do immediately to start losing fat today:


First, if you are not exercising start immediately. If you are not sure what to do; pick up my book that explains exactly what you need to do to jump start you fitness goal.


Second, if you skip breakfast make a commitment to start eating breakfast every morning, until it becomes a habit.


Thirdly, cut back on eating junk food you’d be surprised how much fat will melt off just by doing these three things.

Build Muscles Fast With Multi Joint Workout

Changing up Your Already Established Workout Routine To Build Muscles


Building muscle quickly is all a matter of perception, and muscles is a natural fat fighter. Fast, in this case, means months or even years depending on one’s workout plan. It takes commitment, dedication, and patience. You can’t start a workout routine to build muscle and notice much of a difference to your muscle mass in the first month or two. You can, however notice the difference in how you feel, increase your stamina and lose weight almost immediately when accompanied by a proper nutritional diet. Feeling better and losing weight should be the incentive that will keep you on track to achieve your goals with your workouts routine to build a lean body.


Set goals! Make short term and long term goals as it relates to your workout routine. Don’t set goals that are unattainable or out of reach. Write them down. Then you can take pride and have a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved. When you go to the gym or work out, keep track of what you have done. You want to balance your workouts to assure that you are working all of the muscles in your body. Workout hard between 40 to 70 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week and never for more than 90 minutes at a time.


Turn single joint exercises into multi-joint as much as possible. When doing a bicep curl you are bringing your wrist up to your shoulder and back down again utilizing one joint, your elbow. Try this instead. When bringing your wrist to your shoulder move your elbow toward your back in more of a rowing manner. You still have the elbow flexion, but now you have the shoulder moving and utilizing all of the muscles around it, in your chest and back. The last exercise has accomplished much more in the same amount of time.


single arm curl

When doing squats often considered the king of muscle building exercises, you stand with your legs about shoulder width apart, feet pointed straight out, drop your hips back keeping your upper body straight. Drop down as if you are sitting down in a chair and stop when your knees hit about a 90 degree angle. This is putting pressure on your quads, hamstrings and gluts. Then you come back up and do it again. Now try it this way instead. Keep the instructions for the squats the same except when you come up, jump up, bringing your arms over your head jumping jack style, clap your hands together and repeat. Not only are you utilizing almost every muscle but you are using all of the smaller muscles that help you stabilize your body. This helps you gain and maintain a more efficient body and builds muscle mass more quickly with faster weight loss.


Hundreds of books have been written about weight loss and fitness nutrition. I’m going to try to fit some of the most helpful information into this paragraph. With a workout routine, natural whole foods are the best. Stay away from processed food as much as possible. Protein is a necessary part of your diet for the growth of muscles. This includes lean red meat, dairy products (egg are very high in protein), fish and chicken among others. Do not cut them out of your diet.


Soy protein is not a great source of protein and shouldn’t be substituted as the main protein in your diet. Only eat carbs after a workout and limit your intake. Eat 6 to 8 small meals every 2 to 3 hours daily. Eat vegetables with every meal, yes, every meal! One of the great things about vegetables is they are low in calories. Only drink water and green tea.


workout routine

Below is my favorite recipe and I prepare it in much larger batches and separate it into smaller portions that are easy to take anywhere and microwave.

Total calories for this meal is 390, protein 29g, fat 20g and is perfect for my caloric intake with 6 meals a day. 4 ounces (1 cup) Oriental vegetables, 3 ounces lean sirloin, 3 or 4 dashes of soy sauce, 1 tsp teriyaki sauce, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp lime juice, 1tsp minced garlic, 1 large red bell pepper, 1 cup of frozen green beans, 1tsp BBQ sauce, 1Tbs Olive oil Salt & Pepper to taste.


Blanch vegetables in boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain vegetables and sautee in frying pan with olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper until the vegetables are starting to brown. Cut sirloin into small bite size pieces and add to frying pan along with the remainder of the ingredients. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or until sirloin is cooked to your desired temperature. Then dig in and Enjoy! Don’t Forget to check out some of my books on diet and exercise and the different types of workout routines here.

Kettlebell Workout For Fitness

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Workouts are necessary for maintaining that perfect body and to develop body strength and endurance capabilities. Kettlebell workout routines are best suited to develop your body and keep it in that perfect shape. There are a variety of different ways to work out, and this is just another good way to do so. Better be in shape if you are into online slots for many hours to condition your mind, read the latest gambling news here. I have covered many different types of workouts in detail in other blogs that will get you on the right track to becoming fit or maintaining your fitness; whether you are a casual weight lifter, fitness model,  gym rat, or just someone looking to lose a few extra pounds and become fit.  There are several exercises that you can do with Kettlebells and each one is designed specifically to help you tone your body and gain strength and muscle power. It is the most popular among the professional athletes and bodybuilder because of its muscle building and fat reducing properties. Although it’s not the strongest one, still it has a good effect on lean muscle and preventing muscle wasting. In this era, it is used in the fitness industry to give an edge over their competition. In simple words, one can say that it anabolic and somewhat androgenic like testosterone but with minimum side effects. In the bodybuilding world, andarine is the first choice for best results in practice.

Kettlebell workout routines can be used in various ways to improve your overall body fitness and to improve your performance in several activities. It will help you in excelling in several sports activities and in various strenuous physical situations. Following the routines regularly will help you in reducing weight and gaining agility in every activity of your life. However, the kind of routine that you follow will decide the end result. There are several routines available and you must follow a particular type of routine that best fits your body type and your requirements.

diet and exercise

Kettlebell workout routines are designed scientifically to help you effectively lose weight and gain strength. If you seek to develop your arm muscles then you have to follow a specific type of routine, while if you seek to develop your leg muscles, then there is another different type of routine that you would have to follow that targets your legs. Initially, it was the Russians who had started using Kettlebells to develop their muscles and bulk up. They used cast iron cannon balls that could be used in various swinging techniques for developing muscles and building strength.

The Kettlebell workout routines have been utilized ever since by weight lifters, body builders and wrestlers the world over to increase their muscle power and gain strength. When Kettlebell workouts were first introduced in America, it created huge excitement and ever since it has been used by power lifters for training exercises. Kettlebell workout routines can also be created on your own. You can form your own workout techniques that best fits your requirements and include Kettlebell in them so that you can effectively lose weight and tone up your muscles.

kettle bell

Within a few days of following this routine you can see for yourself that there has been a marked difference in the development of your muscles. Workouts are essential for your body and you should not lag behind the rest in this department. Today, looking good in any field of work is of paramount importance so workout regularly to climb the ladders of success within a very short span of time. There are many different types of successes in life, and being fit and getting in the best shape of your life is certainly one of the many successes that is achievable.

Exercise Routine

Make a Variety of Exercise Routines Out Of These Exercises


Here are some more helpful workout videos to assist you on your way to getting the body of your dreams while you are doing your exercise routine correctly. As I mentioned in my other blogs diet and proper exercise will work wonders for your physical and mind. Always try to mix up your workouts from time to time to get the best results. Start with some of the exercises you like at first, then gradually mix in the rest of the workouts you do not usually do. Exercise confusion is the key to physical success. If you have been working out long enough you will know what I am talking about.


A new workout will really challenge your body and will have a better affect on it. Remember, your body is very adaptive so you always have to keep changing up your workout routine to get the best possible results.  Don’t be afraid to try new exercises you never know how much you might end up liking it. Be open minded when it comes to your exercise routines and you could end up with an awesome body in little time. A good plan would be to do a particular workout routine for no more than 1-2 months then do something different in the workout or change the exercises up altogether. For example, you might be use to doing 4 exercises with 10 reps of 4 sets on a particular day; after doing this routine for a while say 2 months you might want to do 6 exercise(including the original 4 exercises and add 2 more exercises) of 6 reps each for 6 sets for each exercise. Or do the same 4 exercises now do 30 reps of 8 sets instead of the amount of reps you were doing before. When I say do an increase in the reps, I mean lower the weights where you can just barely complete the # of reps needed to achieve the desired amount of repetitions you are aiming for. Or to lower your reps from 10 to 6 reps, then you would increase the weights to where you can complete the 6th reps all the way. For these examples I am referring to free weights or machine weights exercise primarily. However, similar or the same thing can be done for sit ups and push ups to a certain extent.Remember to always check with your physician before starting any workout regimen to make sure your body is healthy enough for exercise. Check out this fat loss diet program Click Here!

7 Tricks to Help You Get Back to Working Out

7 Tricks to Help You Get Back to Working Out

Most of us have been there; you device a workout routine that you know will get you to exercise or visit the gym more. You predict that in just three short months, you will look as good as the people you see on TV. Only to end up a week later on your couch, binge eating and wondering why it is so difficult to stay focused on your fitness goals. If you have slipped up or have taken way too long a break from living healthy and exercising, here are 7 tricks to help you get back to working out.
Here there are:


Start small
Most of the time the problem is thinking about how big a commitment exercising can be. You may not be willing to take an hour off your day just to go to the gym. But you can take 5 minutes to take a brisk walk or a light jog. This will act as your launching pad. As soon as you accomplish this small goal, the good feeling you get will motivate you to keep going.
Make it a debt
Mobile Apps like Pact make it difficult for people to quit. Once you join Pact, you become a member of a community that will hold you to your word. If you do not accomplish your pledged fitness goals within the stated time, you are charged a certain amount of money; if you do, you are paid a certain amount as well. That should keep you motivated.


slender body

Make it part of your to-do list
One of the main reasons why people find excuses not to workout is because they think of it as a time waster. This will not be the case if you actually have time allocated to working out. Make it part of your diary and you will find that it is easier to stick to that schedule as you normally do.
Be part of a one-month challenge
Another big problem is that most people think of exercising as a life-long activity. Although, ideally it should be, that kind of commitment is a little discouraging to some people. What you can do instead is to think of it as a short burst of commitment. Make it a one-month challenge that you must complete. Breaking it down like this will make it seem manageable.
Get a committed workout partner
It is often easy to back out of things when you are only answerable to yourself. But if you find a workout buddy, someone you need to help out and answer to as well, then it will be more and more difficult to come up with excuses not to workout.
Refuse to be a statistic
A vast majority of the developed world is suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. It has become so rampant that people who are not overweight are the exception in the society. Become a part of the elite group. Think of yourself as special and refuse to be part of the problem.
Hire a trainer if your budget allows you
Trainers bring in a new focus and twist to things. One of the main reasons as to why some people fall off the workout wagon is because they get bored of the same old routines. Hiring a trainer will infuse some excitement into your workout sessions.

It might be difficult to stay motivated when it comes to working out. But if you list the benefits, you will see that they outweigh the disadvantages by far.


Bonus Tip

Once you start to workout make sure you change up your workout routine a few times a month. You body will be stimulated by your new workout routine. In a sense your body learns your routines and you have to spice it up by working out and doing something drastically different from time to time. If you normally start out by using the stair climber, then moving to the weight, then to the treadmill. Mix it up and do it in reverse order. Even change the amount of time your would normally spend doing your exercise to doing a different exercise to adding many more reps, or lowering your reps. The possibilities are only limited by your mind. Be creative and have fun with it and boredom is far less likely to happen. Here is a good abdominal solution program that will also help you along the way to slimming down and getting 6 pack abs.

Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits

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Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits Of Working Out


Physical exercise and fitness is a great way to gain health benefits, have fun and generally feel better. At least 30 minutes of exercise and fitness every day can change your life and give you these exercise and fitness top 5 benefits. For a high percentage of individuals, weight loss is their main reason and motivation for getting into shape, but in reality there are a lot of other benefits. Here are the exercise and fitness top 5 benefits in no particular order.


Working Out Promotes a Healthy Sleep

Are you having a hard time getting to sleep? And when you do sleep is it good quality sound sleep? If your answer is no to any of these questions, then you should start involving yourself in regular exercises which will drastically improve this for you. It will be effective in helping you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep as well. It is highly recommended to exercise, but you should do it earlier in the day time because you might find your energy acquired could keep you up past bedtime is some cases. Just put a gap between workout and bedtime and you will improve your sleep rather quickly.


Reduces the Risk of Being Affected By Diseases

Being active through regular exercises will boost the high density lipoprotein and decrease the unhealthy triglycerides. The blood will therefore flow smoothly in your body and as a result, the risks of cardiovascular diseases will be greatly reduced. Physical exercises will also reduce the risk of serious and deadly diseases such as colon, lung and breast cancer, stroke, arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Daily workout helps in reducing anxiety and stress by diminishing the electrical activities in your muscles. Your body also releases endorphin after each workout which results in boosting your moods and promoting relaxation. When your body is in this mode you are not likely to be easily stressed or anxious.


Improves your Sexual Performance and is Effective in Restoring Libido

If you get tired and lack the energy to enjoy intimacy with your partner, then regular physical exercise is all you need. As a man, you will always feel more energized after exercises which can lead to a great impact to your intimacy with your partner. You are also not likely to be affected with erectile issues that will slow you down when your partner is in the mood. This can be rather frustrating for men as a whole. For women, a routine workout can lead to enhanced arousal just the same as it can for a man.


workout routines

Improves Mental Acuity

Overall productivity and performance is greatly boosted by physical exercises and fitness. You will be able to manage your time well. Your mental focus will be boosted as well. An added advantage is that you will gain strength, stamina, and muscle tones which will boost your self confidence and you will start feeling better emotionally. You will be aware of your physical appearance and know you are at your best; lean, muscular and in great shape. Now you know the top reasons why you should involve yourself in a workout routine. Stop making excuses, regular physical exercises can save your life it is that important. Start integrating a workout program into your weekly schedule and take advantage of all the above discussed benefits. This is surely the best way to improve the quality of your life. When you lose motivation refer back to this article “Exercise and Fitness Top 5 Benefits.” Don’t forget to sign up for my workout news letter and check out my Amazon best seller “How To Get Abs, Flat stomach exercises” ebook or paperback copy.

Workout Routine In The Winter

Workout routine in the winter can be more difficult that in the warmer months. If you are going to start a workout program to lose weight in the fall or in the summer, it would be more challenging to lose weight in the fall depending on where you live, than in the summer. For example, living in North Dakota would be more difficult for most people to stay focused, do their workouts and lose weight than if they lived in say Southern Florida or California. 


Lets face it, you can never be too fit and when you live in a warmer climate your body is more acclimated to becoming physically active easier and quicker than if you were living in a colder climate. Or even when the seasons change you get ups and downs in your motivation to complete your basic workout routine. Take your car for example; on a 80 degree day you can start it up and take off in a minute or so, but you would not be able to take of that quickly after started it in 20 degree weather. You would have to warm it up and raise the internal temperature of the vehicle first; the same thing goes for your body when you try to exercise in colder weather. It takes more time to get warmed up and to be in the mood to exercise. So you have to be mentally and physically committed to your workout routines. You must really have the motivation and drive necessary in order to lose weight and exercise the way you need to, or else the change in the seasons and in the temperature can really be a bummer if you don’t prepare and stay motivated.

ab rollout

ab rollout


Muscle workout is essential to see and feel real progress. When you are lean as you can possible be, and you continuously exercise your muscles your

ab rollout on knees

ab rollout on knees

whole body will become a calorie burning machine

end position of ab rollout

end position of ab rollout

and you will be loaded with more energy that you can possibly imagine. You will have the energy to get a lot of important things done in no time without feeling tired and sluggish compared to someone who does not workout. Remember workout is not just to look good,

floor crunch

floor crunch

which is fine. But working out does so much more than

vertical pedaling

vertical pedaling

that, and it has many positive impact on your overall well being, mood and health. It increases your self esteem, gives you more purpose in your daily life, not to mention it makes you feel

abdominal bench sit ups

abdominal bench sit ups

like a million bucks, it is burns fat away long after you leave the gym, it makes you more alert and mentally sharp, and the list goes on and on. Exercise will make your life feel so much more fulfilling.Try some of the exercises I have outlined below and see what a difference it makes for you if you are not already doing them. Remember, you can never be too fit.



Workout Plan

Weight Machines

I have talked about getting leaner in the past. Getting leaner will help you to burn more fat. You will burn more fat while you eat, sleep, work out or anything else that you do. Getting leaner starts with working out regularly with some type of resistance training; at least 3 times a week.  Here is a workout plan to assist in getting to your ideal body image goal.


You do not have to workout like a professional bodybuilder to become lean. Doing any type of light weights for resistance training is a great start. Even using your own body weight or a fraction of it can be a really good start to building light, lean muscles to help to speed up your overall metabolism. In turn it will give you more energy and burn more fat. Whether you are needing to start working out for the 1st time, or if you are a seasoned pro and you just need a little variety in your routine try these 2 different weekly workout plans I have personally designed for you below. Remember to always check with your physician before starting any workout plan.


Do each of these weekly workouts for 4 weeks straight to start out(2 weekly workouts programs x 4 weeks = 8 weeks). Then on the 9th week start to alternate the workouts weekly for the next 8th week(workout 1 x 1 week, then workout 2 x 1 week for 8 weeks total) before going back to doing each weekly workout for 4 weeks each straight again. Here are the 2 different weekly work out programs and how they would work. This is assuming you have the necessary workout equipment or a local gym membership.


Workouts for women

Workout #1( 4 workouts per week, feel free to change the days to fit your own schedule):


shoulder press with dumbbells or barbell: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell behind the neck: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets


squats with barbell: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

hamstring curls: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

seated or standing calf raise: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

laying leg raises on a bench: 60-80 reps in as few sets as possible


brench press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

decline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

incline press with barbell or dumbbells: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 5 sets

chin ups or lateral pull downs: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

Shoulder shrugs: 10-15 resp of 4 sets.

workouts for men

Workout #2(4 workouts per week, Again you can change up the days to fit your plans)


Dumbbell or barbell rows: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

dead lift with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

shoulder press with dumbbell or barbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets


push ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

tricep dips: do 30-50 reps in as few sets as possible

sit ups: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible

seated or standing calf raises: do 50-70 reps in as few sets as possible


Lunges with barbell or dumbbell: 8-12 reps of 4 sets

stiff leg dead lift with barbell or dumbbells: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

internal and external rotation calf raise: 10-15 reps of 5 sets

home workout


bicep curl with a curl bar or dumbbells: 9-12 reps of 4 sets

tricep press with dumbbells or barbell : 9-12 reps of 4 sets

forearm curls with dumbbells or barbells: 10-20 reps of 4 sets

shoulder shrugs with dumbbells or barbell: 10-15.

Follow my directions above and see a harder and firmer body in a short amount of time. Doing most or all of these exercises I mentioned above and dieting will bring you closer to your lean body goal in very little time. If you are not sure of what some of these exercises are just google them for a pictures to get ideas of how these various exercises look and work. Check out my ab focused workout book.