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Ken Paves the master hair stylist of Jessica Simpson prefers not to cut and style his own hair, Dr. Oz visits a physician for his annual check-up, Emeril Lagasse dines out occasionally, Danielle Steel reads novels written by other novelist, and Monica Staton Chicago’s #1 personal trainer of Bronzeville’s elite enlisted the service of a personal trainer. I pride myself on my experience and knowledge of human physiology.

I have been apart of the fitness industry for over eight years. It is a profession I love. I could not imagine a life that did not involve intense physical fitness. I continue to study my craft, always incorporating new techniques and the latest safety practices, but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when deciding today to enlist the services of a personal trainer, because my ego – that “I” or self of any person that distinguishes itself from others, was intimidated.

I called upon a personal trainer for several reasons. I receive one free session with a trainer as a part of my gym membership. I was curious- my competitive nature arose, I wanted to see what another trainer had to offer that I did not. In every profession one should always continue to learn, I rationalized. I had never had the experience of working with a personal trainer, with the exception of exercising with friends and colleagues that are also in the business of fitness.

I take group yoga classes frequently, but I’d never experienced what my client’s experience. For the first time I had a trainer devoted to my every need, constantly watching me, interpreting my physical form from various angles. Jim taught me quite a bit this morning. He took the liberty of being more hands on than I am with my clients. I teach by description- I typically provide verbal coaching. To get the most out of an exercise routine without causing injury you must use proper form, but elicit details in movement produce different results. Jim instructed me to rotate my palms upward, placing my hands above my toes while performing a seated hamstring stretch, creating a new dynamic, an approach to a seated hamstring stretch I plan to adopt.

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Continual education and humility is a requirement in most professions. It is also important to study with colleagues within your industry to avoid the possibility of becoming monotonous. I will continue to look for classes and personal trainers who inspire me to continually improve and move up to a higher level of physical fitness. I would like to remain taut and physically fit, maintain the excitement I have for fitness, because I hope to impart the same passion to my clients- loving the results I achieve from intense training and enjoying the process. A dear friend often quotes the lyrics from a song called “Express Yourself” by Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band – “When you doing what you doing, do you look like what you doing?” Yes!

Always seek out new ways to improve your quest for the ultimate physical condition you seek for yourself.  One should never be at the point where they feel that they have arrived at whatever topic it is that they seek to learn more about, and stop learning. Learning should never end if you intend to keep improving at any endeavor you pursue. Now go get your dream body!

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