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In today’s fast paced lifestyle when most of us are struggling time between office, home and family, taking time out for a regular gym activity may not be possible for everyone. For those who are not ready to start regimented workouts due to any reason, walking is the best exercise. It is a low impact exercise that can be managed well even with a hectic schedule. This form of aerobic exercise raises your heart rate in to different zones most appropriate for weight loss and fitness. To improve the effectiveness of calories burned during walking, keep the below mentioned tips in mind.
Ways to burn more calories walking-

Maintain the right posture- Any form of exercise requires right technique to improve its effectiveness. Similarly, while walking, you need to maintain an upright posture; engaging your abs, pumping your arms and keeping your shoulders over your hip. Swing your arms at an 90-degree angle to walk faster. This will also utilize most of the muscle groups and rev up the calories burned while walking by 15 percent.

Gradually pick up your pace- The best way to do a walk is to start easy. Do a five-minute slow walk to warm up, and the pick up your pace to increase calorie burnout. Walking faster boosts calorie burn and help you lose weight fast.

Vary your steps- Another way to turn your walking into an effective workout is by adding variety in your walk. This can be done by changing up your stride and steps, sneaking in some speed by brisk walking and going for an incline. You can also walk on your toes or heels or do walking lunges to increase calorie workout and strengthen the leg muscles. Your fitness level will gradually increase with practice. 

Find some walking buddies- Last but not the least; find a walking partner and add friendly competition to your walk routine, you spouse might be the right person. However, you need to make sure that your walk does not become a stroll. Maintain the pace and turn your intervals into a game to keep walking fun and interesting. Try different walking paths and trails to avoid monotony and add variety to your walking routine.

Fitness is something you can’t ignore and it should be part of your daily routine. Walking offers you a great way to burn calories and stay fit and healthy. You can experiment with the above mentioned tips and create a walking routine that is best suited for your fitness goals.

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