What Does The Word Fitness Really Means To You?

When you hear the word fitness, what images pop into your head? Do you see an attractive, slender, well-toned body with six-pack abs? Do you see a hulking muscle-bound weight lifter with a tan? Or maybe you see a group of people in a workout facility running on treadmills or doing aerobics. Does your image of fitness focus entirely below the neck?

The Weight Loss Belt, a fashionable belt that weighs 5 to 14 pounds depending on its length and classified by the Health Canada as a Medical Device, is now claiming its rightful place and popularity in the global health and weight loss market. Many people claim its healthful benefits in decreasing one’s weight.

But is this the only benefit we can get by using this new medical device? Are there any associated problems that can arise with its use? Increase muscle endurance and strength without hurting the joints.

If you have arthritis, this is the right exercise device for you. The Weight Loss Belt can be considered as a medical device for isometric exercise, a type of exercise that uses a static contraction of muscles against a fixed object. Here you will get more about the urostomy and stoma belts.

It is safe to use even with your aching joints because static contraction of muscles cannot cause muscle and joint pains thus it won’t add more discomfort to your already painful joints. It can increase your muscle strength and endurance without the added pain.

What Is The Definition Of Fitness? When I looked up the definition in an online dictionary, I got the following:

1) A state or a quality of being fit don’t you just love those kinds of definitions? I could write my own dictionary with those kinds of definitions like, baldness is the state or quality of being bald or wellness is the state or quality of being well! Thankfully, there was another definition for fitness listed that offered a little more substance as follows:

2) The ability of an organism to survive and pass on its genotype through reproduction as compared to other competing organisms: also: the addition of an allele (alternative genes) or genotype to the gene pool of later generations versus that of other alleles or genotypes Now that certainly isn’t the sexy image of attractive hard bodies I’d prefer to have when I hear the term fitness, but it did get me to thinking.

The mind and body can work independently. I’m a big believer that our minds and our bodies are able to function to some degree, independently from one another. Certainly, many changes take place in our bodies throughout our lives whether or not we devote any conscious thought to it or not. I am much taller today than when I was born and did not give one conscious thought to making that happen. My body just took care of it independently from my mind. By the same token, my mind has the ability to think of all kinds of things that have nothing to do with my body. Although the mind and body can operate independently they also have the power to exert great influence over one another. Experience an ongoing pain somewhere in your body, and your mind will probably be focused on doing something to alleviate that pain.

Mind and body together is total fitness so, what’s my point? Well first of all, since the mind and body can often function independently from one another, there must be a mental as well as a physical fitness. Now I know that’s not news to anyone, but I believe that total fitness is achieved only when the mind and the body come together and work towards the common goal.

The second definition for fitness mentioned above is basically covering the law of natural selection whereby the more physically fit organisms will survive longer to pass on their genes to be included in the gene pool. I believe there also exists a similar pool that deals with mental fitness. This mental side, or as I like to call it, the “mindset” pool is made up of the thoughts and emotions we put out each day. As of now, to my knowledge, there does not exist any microscopes that can study the makeup of the mindset pool like they can with the gene pool. The mindset pool remains unseen by human eyes but exerts a tremendous influence over the actions that we take in our lives. I cannot see the atoms that make up a steel girder, but they provide that girder with the strength to hold up and support incredible structures all over the world. Just because I can’t see them does not mean they are not there exerting tremendous influence.

There are many reasons why obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and why so many people find themselves unable to maintain and achieve positive results from their fitness program. I believe that a big part of the reason is not recognizing the role mental fitness plays in overall fitness. I think a conscious effort to pass on positive thoughts and encouragement to others will be a big step in overcoming these challenges.

How to Train to Get Six Pack Abs

Getting The Elusive Six Pack Abs


Whether they admit it or not, almost everyone has the desire to have six pack abs, and wonders how long does it take to get abs. Somewhere deep down, we hold an ideal of what our bodies should look like. This ideal is influenced by the media. The celebrities have their personal trainers and their physiques are often phenomenal. With the societal norms being based on the media, we are inundated with images of people with six pack abs, toned arms and legs, and the “perfect body.” If we were not so influenced by societal ideals, we may not want six pack abs nearly as much, but we would likely still have a deep down desire to be in good physical condition.


Our bodies function better when we are physically fit, that’s a fact stemming from our caveman days to present. Our bodies are built to be in prime physical condition. Whether you have six pack abs or not, you will be better off to be physically fit it improves you in many ways including your mental state of mind. When a person is physically fit, they will have much lower chances of suffering from mental illness. A person who has regular physical activity will have increased brain function and will have lower chances of physical ailments. These people will additionally be less likely to suffer from various diseases as they age. Physical activity and more so, physical fitness are a benefit to any person as a whole, not just to the appearance of your body and your improved self confidence. Ideally a person would want to be in excellent physical condition, so that they are healthy, and not just to have six pack abs. When you are striving to get six pack abs, you need to train your body as a whole, you cannot just train your abs, you have to look at the big picture. Focusing solely on one part of your body is not healthy, and will not work, the body isn’t designed to change that way.


The first and foremost thing that you have to do to get desirable six pack abs is to increase your cardio vascular fitness, therefore you have to do more physical activities as a whole. The reason that you need excellent cardio vascular fitness when you are trying to get six pack abs is that you will need to be running or doing other aerobic activity a lot to burn the fat layers covering your abdominal muscles. You might already have great abs hidden up under those layers of fat, but they are going to keep hidden. If you do not do aerobic activity, for example, you are only lifting weight and not getting enough cardio then you are building muscle under the fat; so you are not doing anything to burn the fat away. The first step in getting those great abs you desire so much to show is to get busy burning away the fat that is getting in your way, by way of adding more cardio. More cardio will burn into the fat layer covering those great abs you might have been working on for weeks, or longer.

The next step for achieving your great abs is to exercise properly. First, you need to learn which muscles you want to focus on to create your six pack abs. Once you have learned this, you have to learn which exercises focus on which muscles. When you have all of this information, you need to practice the exercises, and train yourself to perform them properly. Improper performance of an exercise will have two consequences. The first consequence is that you will not be targeting the muscles you are aiming to target as well as you want to. The other consequence is much worse, you could injure yourself by not using proper form when exercising. If you are exercising, but doing it wrong, you won’t be getting those great abs that you want. You may even be counter productive in your quest for six pack abs.


Do not just train for six pack abs, train for well rounded physical fitness. When you are training in this manner, you will be able to make physical fitness a part of your life and improve many areas of your body all at once. You can create a routine that has physical fitness built into it, and you will need to make sure that you stick to your routine, at least for a month or 2 before mixing it up. Sticking to a routine which includes activities to increase your physical fitness will be very difficult at first if it is new you but it gets better with time. Starting work outs is easy, but sticking to them is difficult. The key is to be committed to not quitting, and not procrastinating. Once you start procrastinating, you will keep procrastinating, until all of a sudden you realize that you have quit your workouts altogether. Procrastination is the nemesis of your great abs.


Another thing that you need to keep in mind in your quest for great six pack abs is that your body needs to rest. When you are sick or when you have a serious injury, you will make sure that your body has time to rest and recuperate. You need to realize that when you work out to build a leaner body the muscles becomes injured in minor ways, and when you rest and eat the right types of food that’s when your muscles repair and grow. You should allow a day or two of rest for your body each week. This will give you better results from your work outs and you will be closer to having your six pack abs. Know that your muscles grow after you’ve worked out, ate and slept. If you have not had enough high quality food or rest your body will let you know that, you will not feel fully recovered and at your best. Also remember it takes most body parts about 2-3 days to fully recover from a fairly strenuous workout session, so allow some time for recovery after each serious workout on any body part.

6 pack abs

Six pack abs are not as elusive as you might think, it’s a science. Adequate resistance training, rest, and proper nutrition leads to beautiful changes in your body in little time; then just keep repeating the process to empathize the results, or just coast along to maintain whatever you already have. If you have commitment to achieving your goal, you can make it happen. You need to have a good work ethic when it comes to your workout routine, remember you have muscles that needs to be work in order to keep them as hard muscles, or else they will begin to soften if there is no workload being placed upon them regularly. I always make time for my workouts, like an appointment. I even have a little bit of abs and if I want more leaness I just workout more intensly and more regularly and I have what I sought for; I’m not ashamed to show you that’s I don’t always have the most perfect abs. I usually have abs, but there are certainly times when they look better or worst than other times based on my workout intensity and frequency as mentioned before, anyhow i’ve attached my actual ab photo above. 

So schedule your work outs as if they were an appointments in your work week. You need to figure out how to ensure that you will do you work out to get your desired six pack abs. It usually helps to have a partner to work out with, so that you both can hold each other accountable to your workout schedule and it often keeps you both more motivated. When you have someone to commiserate with and someone you would be letting down, you will not be as likely to skip your workouts. There is a simple answer to the question of, “how long does it take to get abs?” The answer is that you will get your great abs faster if you commit to your work outs, work hard, and do not start procrastinating. The more you keep your workout schedules and actually workout, the better and faster results you will see. Now go get yours!

How to Get Better Abs – The Ultimate Revelation of Flat Tummy Workouts & Diets


Better Abs Can Be Achieved


If you have tremendous belly fat you might be among those individuals who seem to be on a constant search for that one eluding secret to shed belly fat for good – or the holy grail of flat tummy and sexy six pack abs. The truth to how to get better abs is not as complicated as some weight loss gurus make it out to be. In fact, you can get a flat belly and sexy six-pack abs if you follow these doable diet and workout routines.


Why diet is important? Diet is especially important because without a proper diet plan, you can’t get a flat belly or six-pack abs, no matter how hard you try. You don’t have to follow several exercise programs. You don’t have to invest heavily on your gym, but that never hurts. However, you need to modify your diet in such a way that you stop burdening your body with unwanted fat. Getting better abs is really a choice you make and follow up with action.


The easiest way is to substitute most of your non-vegetarian meals with vegetarian meals. This is a simplistic advice. However, it also has a wealth of knowledge in it. You can get all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals you need from the vegetarian food. Plus, it also doesn’t put pressure on your body in the form of heavy, unwanted fat taking over your body. It is always a good idea to cook your own food. Apart from saving you money up front, it also gives you control over the ingredients that go into your food.


Just like diet, a good workout plan is also very important. However, the exercises that directly target the abs or stomach muscles cannot flatten your belly. You have to incorporate workouts that facilitate fat burning exercises that is the ultimate compliment to a healthy diet when it comes to weight loss.


Aerobic exercises and strength training are good when you want to get better abs. Go swimming, dancing, running, cycling, and all sorts of outdoor activities.  Just having a more active lifestyle will improve your chances of getting better abs. These activities will improve hormone levels in your body. The improvement in hormonal activity also leads to better energy levels for a few days. Thus, the workouts and activities you choose to burn tummy fat will also help you lead an active and energy-filled life. You are not going to complain there.


Last, but no less important when you decide to get better abs it requires some abdominal workouts. They will strengthen your abs and abdominal muscles. The appearance of beautiful six-pack abs may not necessarily be a sign of strong core. You have to strengthen your core muscles. The exercises are crunches and planks, with their variations. Leg-raises are other set of exercises that will help. When you combine a diet, physical activity and abdominal muscles workout plans, you will get the desirable physique you seek. It is not just about the physique, but also about the healthy and active lifestyle waiting for you with the simple choice of deciding to diet and exercise.  Developing proper diet and a plan for exercising will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life you are likely to appreciate in the long run.

7 Essential Steps To Maximize Your Workout Routines Plus Get Abs


Improve Your Workout Routines



Getting washboard abs does not have to be difficult. There is some misconception that doing hundreds of sit ups per day will give you six pack abs. This is simply not the case. You do not need to train your abs every day. The abs should be treated like any other body part.


Would you train your legs every day when you do your workout? So you do not need to perform an ab workout routine everyday either. You should do a maximum of 1-3 ab workout routines per week. You should aim to get between 1 and 2 days minimum rest between each workout to give your muscles time to recover and grow. Your ab workout routines should follow a similar structure to this.


Cardio warm up Stretching Weight Training / Resistance Training Ab dominal workout Cool Down Stretch As you can see the abdominal portion of your workout should be a small part of your training plan. The main reason people have 6 pack abs is that their body fat levels are low enough so that there abs shine through. That’s the key! Maintaining a low body fat percentage along with moderate ab workouts.


Therefore, the purpose of your training should be on burning fat. Weightlifting is one of the best sources of fat loss workouts that you can do for two reasons:


1) Your body is still burning calories up to 48 hours after a resistance exercise, as it mends and repairs your muscles.

2) The more muscle weight percentage your body has means your body will have a higher metabolic rate which your body uses to burn calories naturally in a faster way. Your routines should be intense and include exercises such as: Squats Clean and Press, deadlift, Bench Press, Push Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Curl and Pressing movements. These are basic resistance exercises and they are great for burning fat efficiently, because they involve large muscle groups and requires a lot of effort to do, therefore burning more fat.

leg exercise


The world of workout routines is growing more and more as people are turning to them to keep themselves healthy and in shape. Being involved with serious exercising involves staying committed to your program in addition to keeping your body properly fed with good minerals and nutrients. These two components working together is essential to overall success with nutrition and exercise being closely linked.Nutrition and exercise need to work together closely, one without the other will never provide true success.

  • A primary important point to remember about whatever workout routines you choose is that commitment to them is extremely crucial. The reason for this is because you want to have successful results from all of your hard work and effort, which can only be achieved by regular exercise and determination to not stop or give up. When that determination is made for your exercises it also needs to be made for your diet plan too. By combining a motivated commitment in both of these areas you will no doubt increase your health level and physical fitness level. Your health and fitness I.Q will being to accelerate, your learning starts to compound and your success becomes more visible in little time.


  • To start things off let’s talk about specific tips to help your exercise program. It’s always wise to begin you’re exercise routine not with the exercises you are doing but rather with a simple yet effective warm up. Your warm-up session should not be random but rather focusing on the muscle groups which are going to be exercised that particular day. You have to pump blood into your muscles by warming up fully, this will cause to avoid muscle tears and other injuries.


  • Start stretching the muscles that you shall be working on and this will slowly raise the heart rate, as you do not want to begin an intense workout with your muscles being cold and tight; as I said before, not doing this can lead to you becoming injured during a workout with pulled muscle or what not. So be sure to warm up and stretch the muscle groups that you will be concentrating on during your workout.

cool down after workout

  • As a proper warm-up at the beginning of your exercise routine is important so is having a cool down session at the end of it. A cool down may seem unnecessary but in actuality it allows your body to relax and the slowing of your heart rate to a normal pulse. When a proper cool down is in place your body is also more susceptible to rest and is protected from cramps or other uncomfortable problems later on. This would also be a good opportunity to stretch your muscles one more time.


  • What also will end up playing a huge role in the total results that you get from your workouts are the foods that you decide to eat after each workout. A best practice to regularly follow is to eat foods that are high in protein when you’re done with your workout. High-protein foods will go straight to your muscles restoring what was lost via your exercises. It will help to rebuild and recover the fatigued parts of your muscles. Always after you are done with some good cardio sessions it is essential for you to wait a short while and then eat this way. This is because your body will maximize all of the fat it just burned by using the fat that’s stored as your energy source. Protein is great for rebuilding your muscles, but try to eat a balance diet including lots of fruits and veggies. They are essential to eating right and losing weight.


  • One other very important thing for you to consider is to keep in mind, always stay hydrated. By not having enough water in the body will contribute to you becoming fatigue quite faster than you would if you did not exercise at all.


  • Remember that when you are involved with any good workout routine to always be sure to get plenty of rest, this is another key to your health success. The human body needs a lot of rest 7-9 hrs a night when possible so it can recover and begin to rebuild the muscles before you really have to use them again. These tips will help you to get the best results from your workout routines. For more workout help pick up one of my book here.


Toned Abs

leg exercise

Having toned Abs is an awesome feeling. Exercise can be hard especially for those who have belly fat. This is why people tend to give up right even before starting because they know they would not last a month with that kind of exercise regimen. But, what if there is a way for you to lose your fat with these exercises? With diet and the proper techniques, you can slowly lose all that fat in a slow but sure way.


The first step with belly fat exercises is to do cardio exercises for 30-45 minutes after warm-up. If you want to lose your belly fat, you need to lose body fat. There is no such thing as reducing fat at one point in your body only. If you want to lose some parts, lose them all. Jogging, running, and biking are some cardio exercises you can try. Increasing your metabolism is another good way of trimming down your belly fat. You can do so with another form of belly fat exercises which is weight lifting through strength training. This does not mean that you have to lift really heavy weights to get your body up and running. You can do these exercises with the use of lightweight iron but with many repetitions.


Do leg lifts, crunches, and squats in various sets. Do at the very least 5 sets of each exercise every other day and try to increase them as you go along. Then you can try more complicated belly fat exercises like the plank position, reverse crunches, exercise ball crunches and other exercises that focus on your abdomen. After you do all these complex exercises, remember to have your cool down exercise to prevent any forms of strains to your body. A healthy combination of training, discipline, diet, and exercise is the right way to get your flat toned abs. Get more tips here

Stomach Fat Burner

slim waistline

In this article I will cover some practical stomach fat burner ideas. You can succeed at stomach fat burning with a plan. The problem of obesity has become a great concern for many already because the lifestyle of today’s generation is more on less walking, and more typing most of the day. We have grown to live an immobile lifestyle. But if your not obese, but you already notice that tummy fat slowly building layers around your trunk, then it’s about time indeed that you take time to know how to lose tummy fat. If you decide on doing one thousand crunches as a way of how to lose tummy fat, then you are definitely going the wrong way. Crunches are good, but by themselves they are not the most effective way to burn through those thick layers of fat. If you want to lose the fat around your belly, then you will have to lose everything else. This means that you don’t focus your exercise alone on your abdomen, but rather on the whole body. Set a realistic goal as well. How to lose tummy fat should not be as hard as you think it is. Stomach fat burner can be a reality for you if you do things that fosters stomach fat burning. 


The problem with us is that we want the results in an instant. So we make goals that are far-fetched. While it’s alright to imagine yourself in that hot bikini or trunks, imagine yourself taking every single step towards that. And that means having to go through each day achieving a goal for that day. For instance, your goal for today is to walk around the neighborhood, or drinking 2.5 liters of water or not eating junk food for today. That’s a great realistic goal, and very effective indeed. You have to put a challenge on your workout as well. If walking around the neighborhood already seems easy to you, put a little more intensity in it by brisk walking and later on jogging. You may even want to add more minutes in it and throw in a set of 5 pound ankle weights for resistance. These are just really simple ways on how to lose tummy fat. Don’t stress yourself into thinking it is hard and impossible, because really, it isn’t. It’s like a good game of chess, it requires planning and a strategy and you can come out victorious every time.

Flat Tummy Exercises


Want to know sure ways to get six pack abs that you have been craving for all year long? The key lies in strengthening your abdominal muscles & losing all your belly fat. But doing just that is not that easy, there is more to it than just working out. In order to get the abs that you see on TV, you need more than just wanting it. You need to have dedication, the time & patience in order to last a solid workout routine that’ll help you reach your goal. To start, you need to lose all the extra fat that has been weighing you down and preventing you from getting to that finish line.


In order to lose belly fat, the first thing you need to do is figure out a diet plan that works with your lifestyle. You need not remove any food category in order to lose those extra pounds. Going back to basics-proportion is the key. Remember: never starve yourself. If you starve yourself, your body’s metabolism will shut down; you’d do more bad than good. Drink plenty of water. It helps replenish all the lost fluids you need after all that exercise, and it prevents you from getting dehydrated. Another good point about water is that it makes you full without eating too much-at least not more than what’s healthy. The next part of how to get six pack abs is to tone & strengthen those abdominal muscles. Having a daily routine of doing crunches, sit-ups, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, sprints, & a healthy dose of cardio would really help tone those muscles. There are more exercises available which you can use alternately to make your routine more exciting, it just all adds up to what you’re more comfortable doing for exercise. Always remember that in order to get six pack abs, you have to work for it; nothing comes out of doing nothing. 

6 Pack Abs Discipline

Being Focused on Your 6 Pack Abs

Your body contains a quite intricate compound and bodily hormone stability and it also adapts on its own appropriately to your diet plan. You need to have a plan and be discipline to have 6 pack abs.Fantastic abdominal muscles are on the the top of folk’s wish list with regards to their physiques. All around Hard 6 pack abs is superior. Companies will often market that getting 6-pack abs is often a easy and quick to achieve which isn’t always the case for many. The reason why you might need 6 pack abs might be since your excess fat is covering the muscle group; this can be frustrating because you feel as if your ab muscles are strong and hard, but you can’t see your 6 pack muscles. What most people aren’t getting is that often 6-pack mid-section seriously isn’t about depriving yourself of food to emaciate yourself and suddenly have hard, flat abs. You can eat, but you have to be mindful of what you are dumping into your body. “Rule of thumb” Eat fresh low fat, low calorie food that is freshly prepared; and not processes junk that make you fat around the mid section and elsewhere.


fresh foodThink about it, for many of us, really hard abs aren’t going to be a sensible target without having some discipline. It isn’t to convey hard perfect abdominals is required to everybody’s aim for, you just need a robust dedication to becoming healthy and balanced. You have to actively work your body. The more work you put into your body when it comes to diet and exercise, the more you get out of it. Acquiring perfect abdominals can be achieved with plenty of various methods when you train and eat correctly. Hard six pack abs is simply considered one of the most difficult things to attempted to do without a crystal clear plan that is practical. Examining the reality regarding hard six pack abs has entirely altered my well being, not only personally but psychologically also.

Top 4 tips when choosing the best stomach exercises

Top 4 tips when choosing the best stomach exercises



Are you looking forward to working out to have a flat stomach? If you are, then you must be able to choose the best stomach exercises that would enable you improve your looks as well as health. Here is a guide on how to choose the best stomach exercises:


1. Learn on the intensity of the lower ab workouts

For one to have a flat stomach, you must remember to select a good workout that would make your stomach flat without having to use pills or enhancement medicine. Depending on your physical strength, you will choose a good stomach exercise that would work for you when looking forward to improve your health. The more the intensity of the exercise, you will definitely get the more results once you amp up the intensity level.


2. The duration of the workout

You must choose an appropriate duration of the workout that will enable you get your desired results when finding a way to redefine your looks in a natural way. You should ensure that you choose those workouts that will take a shorter duration when you want to get your desired results. You will have the results that you will need especially when you want to make your body to look great. You just have to put in the work with the types of exercised you pick and the results will follow.



3. Understand the importance of proper nutrition with the exercises

For you to get the best results, you must know the importance of proper nutrition when looking for a better result. You should ensure you eat balanced diets every day since it will play an important role when you want the best results. By eating a balanced diet, you will have essential body nutrients that will help redefine your body shape by losing excess fats especially on your stomach. Diet plays a huge role in your flat stomach quest.


4. Get help from certified personal trainers

For those who lack ideas on how to choose the best stomach exercises that would make them have six pack abs, they can get help from certified personal trainers who will help you decide especially when you want to get help. Through their wealth of experience in the training and workouts, they will help you select the best stomach exercises that would enable you get your desired results within the shortest time possible without having to use dangerous pills that may have a negative effect on you.


In conclusion, the above is a guide on how to choose the best stomach exercises that will help you learn on ways of redefining your health and life through proper workouts. This website has lots of different exercises and articles available so that might pick exercises that work for you. Or implement an exercise of your own if you have some. The key here is engaging in diet and exercise to melt away stubborn belly fat so you can have a flat stomach that is appealing.

Get Your Body Ready For Vacation

It’s Vacation Time Again And You Have To Get In Shape

Getting your body ready for vacation can entail a lot of tedious exercising and dieting. However you need to think of this process as a yearly pinnacle you strive to achieve. Besides all the health benefits and looking and feeling better there is a great feeling of accomplishment if you can get your body in the form. All of your hard work and dedication will be on display when you hit the beach and other places. If you had done all that was needed to be done in the prior six months or so leading up to your vacation, you should be ready to show off all of your hard work in your body’s detail. When you are in good shape you have no shame in getting into a two piece bikini ladies, or into trunks with no shirt guys. By the time vacation time rolls around you should be in tip-top shape and be proud letting it all hang out; things such as your six pack abs fellow or washboard abs ladies.

woman at beach
When you go on vacation whether that is, maybe once or twice a year or even every 2 years; it is usually a time of fun and relaxation. A time where you hang out with your family and just take in the sights, scenery, and the vacation spot. Or you may be single hanging out with your friends or relatives. Whatever it is that you end up doing it’s usually a carefree time for enjoyment. Vacation is enjoyed best when you look and feel your best. Looking and feeling your best often starts with your body and self-image. Looking and feeling your best start with dieting and exercising and making that a lifetime activity you strive for.
This website has tons of Articles regarding staying in shape and looking good. If you are new to exercising once you have a doctors’s ok there are tons of exercises when you subscribe you can see them all; you can get access to different exercises if you are struggling with figuring out what to do to get in shape, or if you are just bored with your old routine. If you have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle why wouldn’t you choose that as opposed to living a lifestyle where your health is not of much importance to you. Therefore your life is not of much importance and your life span is often cut short due to poor health. Exercise will keep you living longer and it makes you stronger, plus it has so many other benefits.